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by Kelsey Norwood

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I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

first day of first grade

Our back-to-school transition happened two weeks ago – we start really early here in Utah which makes getting back on track even harder. The days are still hot and the sun is still up when the kids go to bed, so it hasn’t been easy but we’re finally in our school groove and I think it’ll be smooth sailing from here.

To get ready for going back to school, we really make the best of our last week of summer. We went to a local water park three times that week, hung out with lots of family and friends, saw a movie, went to a family fun center a few times, and parks, parks, parks!

By the end of the week they were so worn out, they were ready to go to bed early… and we’ve stuck with it. Reigning in a loose summer bedtime? Check.

I don’t love my son being gone at school all day, but I do love the much more rigid routine that the start of school brings. After a crazy and fun summer, consistent bed times and meal times are a nice change.


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We also welcomed the start of school back with a visit from The School Fairy. A new friend gave me this idea and we tried it this year. I wrapped up all their school supplies and the night before the first day of school was like Christmas!

I always makes sure to get each of my kids a new set of markers and colored pencils, a fresh eraser and notebook, glue stick, construction paper, and a little box to hold it all. Teachers at school don’t get to have all the fun! We do plenty of at-home school activities and we need fresh supplies at the start of each year.

wet ones fresh scent canisterWe also purchased all the required supplies for Elliot’s classroom including all the regular things plus hand sanitizer, printer paper, bandaids, and a package of Wet-Ones antibacterial hand wipes. I keep my own canister of Wet-Ones wipes in the car and hand one to Elliot each day as he climbs in. I can’t make sure he’s germ free at school, but that’s the first thing we do when he’s home!

Wet Ones is a proud supporter of teachers through their parternship with – a service that helps teachers connect with their parents around classroom needs. Since joining forces with in 2012, Wet Ones has donated 15,000 products to teachers all across the country as a jump start to getting their wish lists filled!

Learn more about what your very own teachers are looking for and how you can get your own school participating. And share with us how you’ve been getting your kids ready to head back to school!

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