HOW TO: Boys Envelope Neck T-Shirt Pattern

by Kelsey Norwood

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I love the little envelope necks on baby onesies and it recently occurred to me that such things should exist for older boy’s shirts. Right? Am I crazy? Of course not!

Maybe you are one of those people who can wing a pattern but I am not. So I cheated and altered a onesie pattern into a t-shirt pattern for a larger child and it worked famously!

I used McCalls M6344 which only goes up to a baby XL (about 24 months) and used pieces 1 and 4.

I found one of my son’s t-shirts that fits him well and used it as my reference along with the pattern.

I first traced the shirt so I had shirt front, shirt back, and sleeve pieces, all to be cut on the fold (so only half of the actual shirt is drawn, make sense?!?) The t-shirt front and back are almost identical, but do trace them both as accurately as possible.

Remember to add seam allowances (I serge knit seams so I allow for 1/4″ seam) along the neck, shoulder, arm, sleeve, and side seams with plenty of extra length for a hem at the bottom.

Then I laid the back onesie pattern piece on top of the traced back t-shirt pattern, matched the dot marking the shoulder seam on the onesie pattern to the shoulder line from my t-shirt and traced the curve onto my pattern paper.

Then do the same with the front t-shirt pattern and the front onesie pattern piece.

Here are my pattern pieces – shirt front, back, and sleeve. The front and back pieces show the original t-shirt I traced with the curvy envelope parts up above. I tried the pattern out and it worked up awesome.

Stay tuned for a tutorial!…

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