Making a star block is so easy! And a quilt full of these sweet little blocks is just the best. For each star block you’ll need two prints – one for the star and one for the border. The grey print is my star and the green is my border. For the star: Cut 8 […]

  I’ve had a few things getting in the way of my craft time. Baby #4 (he doesn’t have a blog alias yet, coming up with his real name was hard enough…) and Homeschooling But I started to go a little crazy…again…and decided I needed to make something. I thought an I Spy quilt would take forever, […]

Remember my QAYG (Quilt As You Go) tutorial from a while ago? I finished it! And I LOVE how it turned out. It’s technically a queen sized tutorial but it fits just fine on our king sized mattress. I love all the colors AND that I used up TONS of scraps. It was so easy […]

I finally finished this quilt (tutorial here) I started a ridiculously long time ago. Sometimes, it just takes a while to make a quilt. This was my first time paper piecing (here’s my paper piecing tutorial) and it was really fun and easy, but it does take quite a bit of extra time. Probably the […]

Click here to see my finished Scrappy Log Cabin QAYG I’ve been accumulating scraps for long enough that I have enough to make several quilts…I’m starting my scrap elimination program with a scrappy log cabin quilt and I’m trying the QAYG (quilt as you go) method since this quilt is going to be about 98 […]

I’ve tried lots of times to bind a quilt with my sewing machine and it never looked as good as I wanted it to. For years I’ve been hand sewing my bindings, and although I enjoy hand sewing occasionally, I really don’t have the time to do it for every quilt! And I worry about […]

I’ve been a little MIA, but I haven’t been doing nothing! I had no idea how much work moving would be and we’re no where near finished yet. But we can park both cars in the garage and there are fewer than…20? boxes unpacked in the house (not counting the basement…). The office has been […]

I am super stressed right now with all the house drama with everything that’s gone wrong and so slowly and I just really need to obsess about something else for a while. A new quilt seemed like as good a thing as any. So I’m gonna try out the Bizzy Kid pattern which I’ve loved for a […]

I started this quilt about a year ago and kept moving on to other projects and leaving it in my to-do pile. I don’t know why, cause it’s beautiful and was so much fun to put together. I used mostly an older fabric line called Weekends for Free Spirit Fabrics (designed by Erin McMorris) with […]

There is no good reason to avoid paper piecing like I did for so long. It’s so easy! And the results look beautifully intricate and uniform. My first stab at paper piecing is this lattice quilt and I am totally loving it. I cannot wait to see it all put together! It’s going to be […]