Crib Bumper Edit – Zipper Closure

by Kelsey Norwood

in Crafts,Sewing

zipper closure for crib bumper

Remember my new crib bumper sewing tutorial from a week or so ago? Michael Miller Lagoon and Groovy Guitar fabric? In that I told you to leave about a 12″ opening along the bottom of each panel to insert the bumper pad into and then hand sew the opening closed.


Forget that.

I tried putting a zipper into the last panel, the one that I hadn’t gotten around to hand sewing closed yet. It worked like a charm, and if the pads are only zippered inside you can remove them to wash the cover or switch back and forth between covers without wearing out the pads or having to buy new ones!

The trickiest part about sewing a zipper in is that on the second side you sew you have to leave it all the way open the whole time. So you can’t move the zipper pull out of the way, you just have to sew past it at the very end (or beginning…). Not impossible, but a little awkward.

I will probably undo my hand stitching and put zippers in the 5 other panels, I love it so much. But maybe not until it’s time to wash it for the first time…

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1 Leslie Gladney August 15, 2011 at 5:21 pm

One of the little sewing tricks for sewing past the head of the zipper, is to leave it open, sew about half way, ten put your needle in the fabric and raise your machine foot to it’s highest point. You can generally ease the zipper head past at that point, zip it up and go back to sewing!

Another trick for using zippers on kid’s clothes (or your own, like I do), is to sew a wide grosgrain ribbon in wit the zipper, so it rests between the skin and the body. I sew it down along the same seam I use for the zipper, and then tack it by hand at the bottom into the seam allowance. It makes a nice smooth but sturdy backing to keep scratchy zippers and zipper tape from irritating the skin.

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