DIY 10 Minute Tank Resize: XXL to M

by Kelsey Norwood

in Crafts,Sewing,Tutorials

I can always find tons of great clearance clothing deals in every size but the one I wear.

I found this super cute tank at Old Navy for dirt cheap but it was a size XXL. I bought it anyway, thinking maybe I could resize it aaaand Project: Success!!

I found another tank that fits and laid the too big one out with the right size on top. I made sure the seam was flat on the table – there is lots of excess fabric in the front cause that’s the style, just make sure it’s flat on the edges next to the seam.

I eyeballed how much I needed to take it in – about 2″ – and drew a line with chalk to follow.

And then I serged a new seam, taking the tank in about 2″ on each side (8″ total decrease) – you could definitely sew the new seam with a sewing machine, trim the excess, and finish the new seam allowance if you don’t have a serger.

I love this tank and now it’s a perfect size Medium for a super clearance price!

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