DIY Crib Bedding Part I: Crib Bumper

by Kelsey Norwood

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a 10″ tall reversible crib bumper with binding on all 4 edges.

I’ve spent the last several months getting ready for our second son to be born. I have a whole notebook full of projects, and making a new crib bumper is one I’ve completed!

Why make your own crib bumper? Well, I wanted a subtle pattern that can coordinate with anything.

Thinking about making it was a bit intimidating, but once I got started it went fairly quickly and smoothly.  (Click to get a sewing ebook for beginners that I recommend.) If you’ve ever made a quilt, a crib bumper is super easy! Here’s how:


  • 1 1/4 yards each of 2 coordinating fabrics
  • 10 yards bias tape
  • 1 1/4 yards thick batting
  • basic sewing tools – pins, scissors, etc.

make your own crib bumper tutorial

1. Cut strips 10″ wide and sew them together until you have a piece that measures approximately 10″ x 160″. Do this for your front and back fabric pieces and your batting. (Sew the batting together by abutting the edges and doing a tight zigzag stitch.)

(Measure your actual crib before starting in case the dimensions aren’t exactly the same as mine.)

2. Pin all 3 layers together along the top and bottom edges (right sides facing out). If all 3 layers aren’t aligned exactly, even them up with your rotary cutter and ruler. (This is the step I just finished in the picture above.)

3. Next you need to stitch vertical lines along the bumper to help it fit your crib. Measure from the end for the first line, then measure from each previous line of stitching. Sew the first line 25.5″ from the end. The second line will be in another 25.5″, then 27.5″, 25.5″, 25,5″, and 27.5″.


4. Attach binding/bias tape on both long edges of the bumper by sewing the right side of the tape to the right side of the fabric. Make sure all 4 layers are lined up. Sew in the crease. Flip the excess binding over the the other side; pin, and sew.

make your own crib bumper tutorial

5. Cut two more pieces of bias tape to finish the short edges of the bumper. You’ll want to cut the height of the bumper (10″) plus 10″ extra on either side for the ties, for a total of about 30″.

6. Attach the tape to the short edges of the bumper.

7. With the excess, sew the two halves of the bias tape together to make the ties.

crib bumper tutorial

8. For the rest of the ties, you’re going to cut 10 strips of bias tape 18″ long. Fold each strip in half with the ends tucked in and edgestitch.

9. Press flat.

10. Fold in half and press the crease.

crib bumper tutorial

11. Using a stitch length of 1, sew the folded end of the ties to the bumper right where you sewed the vertical lines through all three layers.

make your own crib bumperFinished!

This project will take a bit of time because of how long it is, but it’s really very simple. Good luck, and if anything is unclear, please ask!

Again, a great sewing ebook for beginners can be found by clicking here.

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