Family Games Day 1 – Loaded Questions

by Kelsey Norwood

in Family Fun

We played some new games this past Christmas holiday, so this week I’m going to share my new and old favorites with you. Later in the week will be two tutorials on how to play Nertz and Canasta, so stay tuned. Those are my two favorite card games, and I hope my video tutorials will help you learn to play.

This first game is a new favorite that my sister brought. I usually prefer strategy games (like Settlers and Carcassonne), so I was a bit skeptical of Loaded Questions, but it turned out to be one of the favorites. We played it probably 10 times in the week that we were all together, and everyone played, even my dad and brother, who usually refuse.

This game is all about questions and answers. On Player A’s turn, she draws a card from the box and reads the question that corresponds to her position on the game board. Each other player writes down their answer to the question and hands their paper to the person next to Player A who reads all the answers aloud. Player A’s job is to guess who said what. After Player A has announced her decision, each other player gives a thumbs up or down to show if Player A guessed correctly. Player A gets 1 point for each answer that was assigned to the right person.

The questions are hilarious and hearing people’s answers is even more fun. When we were playing, the following question was asked: What is something too serious to be joked about? My 16 year old brother said, “Chickens crossing roads.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You can see how this game could get pretty entertaining.

Loaded Questions is a great game for families in all stages – we love it!

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1 Selina January 12, 2009 at 11:33 pm

Sounds fun! We’re like you though love the strategy games.

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