FREE Nursing Pillow Slipcover Pattern and Tutorial

by Kelsey Norwood

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nursing pillow

I’ve had a lot of questions about the boppy cover post I wrote several years ago. Hopefully this full tutorial will answer all those questions once and for all!

To start you’ll need:

The pattern instructions say the grey areas should all overlap, but the grey on the bottom zipper portion of the front cover piece (that will have the zipper) needs to be assembled as shown above. If you were to cut off the grey portion on one of the pieces it would overlap just like the rest of the pieces. Make sense?

Use my DIY pattern weights and a rotary blade! The 28mm is my favorite for cutting out patterns.

For best results, sew both sides of the zipper in the same direction. The fabric will stretch a little and the zipper won’t  stretch with it so if you don’t sew both sides of the zipper in the same direction the top portion will stretch one way and the bottom portion will stretch the other way. It’ll be fine, just will look nicer if you do it this way.

My nursing pillow has now successfully nursed three children. I just weaned Linus (today is actually my first day not nursing, boohoo…) and I think Norwood #4 will get a brand spanking new nursing pillow to nurse on. This one is flat and sad, but makes a great plaything, particularly when one is trying to take a nice picture of it… Good thing he’s so sweet…

These nursing pillow covers are so easy and quick and FUN! Make a dozen and give them away as gifts!

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