Gastric Bypass Surgery

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This is a guest post by Bart Ilce with It is a weird topic for my site, but he begged me so I let it pass. I honestly think it was poorly written but I promised him I would post it before I saw the content and so I decided it best to keep my promise.

Most people think gastric bypass surgery is expensive.  Well it definitely used to be.  But now its actually very reasonable for most people.  Insurance companies generally will cover this surgery and if yours won’t, you can always find one that will.

Like with any surgery there is some recovery time.  Recovery for gastric bypass requires a specific eating regimen.  We call it the gastric bypass diet.

To read about the diet in full, click on the link in the last paragraph.

But to summarize, there are  three phases:

  • The liquid phase
  • The pureed food phase
  • The soft foods phase

Its just a slow progression from easy to less easy foods to digest.

Also, there are a few potential gastric bypass complications that you should be aware of.  Click the previous link to read more about that.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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