Heavy-Duty Pattern Weights for $.60 Each

by Kelsey Norwood

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I’m getting so tired of pinning. And using scissors.

Cutting out patterns with a small rotary blade is so much faster and easier, and can definitely be more precise if you’re careful. I’ve seen pattern weights at fabric stores and they are ridiculously expensive.

Whatev. I’ll just make my own.

Above is what you’ll need to lose the pins and embrace the true way of cutting out your patterns:

Start with the washers – I purchased a dozen 3/4″  and another dozen 1/2″ flat washers – the biggest, heaviest ones I could find.

Using hot glue, glue two washers together, flat sides touching. For the big weights, glue two 3/4″ washers together. For the medium size, glue three 1/2″ washers together.

I used a dab of hot glue to start and finish the wrapping and regular craft glue everywhere in between. Glue and wrap, just a bit at a time. Secure the end with hot glue.

This little project is a perfect way to use those too-small-for-anything-else scraps. You could always not wrap them – but then they’d be noisy and cold and…boring. So wrap them.

I like to use the pattern weights on either side of the cutting line so the fabric really stays put and I get a nice, clean, straight cut line. Awesome.

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