How to Attach a Walking Foot: A Picture Tutorial

by Kelsey Norwood

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walking foot attachment

Remember my free motion quilting experiment? Well, I haven’t tried again since. I have so many projects to get done before this baby is born, I haven’t had time!

A more straight forward machine quilting method is to use a walking foot and quilt in straight lines, which is what I’ve done most of. That foot is tricky, so¬† here are some pictures to hopefully walk you through how to actually get that funky foot on your machine.

1. Remove the standard presser foot attachment completely. You’ll be left with a big screw driver looking thing which I will call the SCREW POLE (creative yes?) and a screw.

sewing walking foot

Like this.

sewing machine walking foot quilting

Locate a walking foot. This is what mine looks like for a Riccar, they all look kind of similarly space machine-ish.

walking foot for sewing machine

2. Holding the foot directly behind the screw pole, bring the walking foot forward and fit the screw pole thing into the little indentation on the right side. Make sure it’s not up to high – if it is, you’ll be covering up the tightening screw hole on the left side.

even feed walking foot

3. Make sure the fork is around the screw that tightens the needle. That little piece is what makes the foot work and pulls the fabric along from the top like the feed dogs are doing on the under side.

Also make sure that the foot is perfectly centered. You wouldn’t want to bust a needle.

This foot is pretty slick and I’ve had great success with my machine quilting efforts using it. Good luck! (And tomorrow there will be a video demonstration!)

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1 Gailanne Upton September 6, 2011 at 11:04 am

Thank you from a beginner quilter, you’re a blessing!

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