How-To: Nursing Pillow Cover

by Kelsey Norwood

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nursing pillow

Click here for an updated version of this tutorial and pattern.

Like lots of other projects I’ve done lately, I started out very intimidated of this one, I think because of the zipper. I don’t really like doing zippers. But once again, I was totally amazed at how easy this was. The whole thing, from start to finish, took an hour, maybe a little longer. I liked it so much, I’m going to make at least 1 more!¬† (A great sewing tutorial ebook that I recommend if you need help.)

Here’s what you need to make your very own boppy cover:

That’s pretty much it. I found these two pages on a blog called Economical Baby, but it has since been removed so I’m really glad I saved the documents when I found them!

boppy cover tutorial

The instructions are pretty straight forward – the only thing I was confused about was how to tape the pattern pieces together, which I’ve shown here. The zipper goes between the two pieces on the right. The very top piece looks like it’s going to be too big, but once you press each edge under 1/2″, they line up perfectly. It is really a very good pattern.

boppy cover tutorial

My Mom sewed a buckle on my store-bought slipcover, which makes it stay right up around my waist. Now that I have multiple slipcovers, I”m going to sew some velcro onto each slipcover and the strapping so that the waist strap can be interchangeable.

If you’re nursing, a nursing pillow is a must, and now you can make your own slipcovers to go with it! Please let me know if you have questions. Good luck!

(Click to get a great sewing tutorial ebook if needed)

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