Laminate for Life

by Kelsey Norwood

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I have always been a lover of all things laminated. I don’t know what it is about that smooth, plasticky feel, but I loves it. In the past I have taken things to our local print/copy shop to get laminating done, but now I can do it at home! 

I recently got to try out this Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator and I am hooked. Oh, the possibilities!  School papers and projects, office organization, file folder games, quiet time activities…egads!

As a mom with young kids, I particularly appreciate a few of the features of this machine.

  1. HeatGuard Technology consisting of double-walled insulation that keeps heat inside – comfortable to touch and safe for children.
  2. Power button turns the machine on to the cold lamination setting.
The machine is compact but large enough to fit letter size documents AND there are special settings for different laminating materials to ensure the best possible quality, strength, and protection. I can leave it out on the table or tuck it away in a drawer so storage is no problem.
After determining the Saturn2 95’s lovable qualities, I was ready to get to work!

Drawer Liners

My first project was making some drawer liners. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper down to fit the drawer, laminated it, and slipped it inside this drawer. When it gets a little dusty or gunky, I can pull out the laminated sheet of paper, wipe with a damp rag, and put it back. And it’s so cute!

Visual Aids

I am heavily involved with my church‘s children’s organization, called Primary. It’s for children ages 3 – 11 and each Sunday we have a period of Singing Time, a lesson/activity called Sharing Time, and then individual classes.

I get to teach Sharing Time a few times each year and when it’s my turn, I get to come up with a 15 minute lesson. I always try to have some kind of fun visual activity, and ideally make it reusable.

I laminated these pieces for a lesson about what we call The Plan of Happiness, our understanding and explanation for who we are, why we are here on earth, and where we will go after this life.

Laminating these pieces made them stand up to the wear and tear of the activity and will make them last for many many future repeat lessons on the same topic. I went to a lot of work planning this lesson, finding the visual aides and preparing them, and now they will last and save me a lot of work for the next time!

Toy Instruction Manual

One of our favorite toys is this Quadrilla wooden marble track set. My boys LOVE it and we have a few different sets with a few different instruction manuals for tracks to build.

The manuals were getting a little beat up and I didn’t want to risk the pages getting lost or torn, so I laminated each page complete with dividers for the different sets, had it spiral bound, and now it can be as good as new for my grandchildren in 20 years.


Lastly, I had some craft room organization to catch up on. I got these awesome drawer carts from IKEA and use them to store all my fabric and most of my general crafting supplies. I mostly know where everything is, but labeling always looks more organized and it helps me keep my system going.

With school starting in just a few weeks, I am looking forward to creating some reading/writing games with this laminator to help Elliot master all those kindergarten skills and to preserve all the adorable things he creates throughout the year.

What laminating projects do you have planned??

from August 5th – August 25th friends of Mom Central can use exclusive coupon code 87298 to receive $30 off the regular price ($159.99) of a Fellowes Saturn2 95 at! (while supplies last; maximum two machines per person)


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Fellowes and received a product sample to facilitate my review.


1 Michelle August 20, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Drawer liners…. Brilliant!

2 Brooke September 12, 2014 at 8:55 pm

I’m hooked on laminating! Never thought of laminating drawer liners or toy track instruction manual. Genius!

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