MegaBuilders Club Debut – Meeting #1 Theme: Animals!

by Kelsey Norwood

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We moved a year ago and we’re all still working on making friends. I’ve been trying to help my first grader especially, so we decided to start an after school building club with a few other boys. MegaBloks generously agreed to sponsor our club and send us everything we could possibly need and then some!

mega bloks building club


We LOVE MegaBloks, especially the Jeep and Skylanders sets and, really, everything else too! My older two boys (7 and almost 5) LOVE the small blocks the very best and were beyond thrilled when 4 giant boxes of blocks arrived at our house.

Above is just a small selection of all the awesome blocks they sent to us to use for our club – plenty of basic pieces, tons of specialty pieces for cars, rockets, spaceships, etc., car bases, ladders, tubes, and bridge pieces. Oh the possibilities!!! My boys spent days sorting and building before our first club meeting last week.


Only two boys were able to make it to our first meeting, but we carried on and had an awesome hour long building party. The theme? ANIMALS!


We put out the sorted bins of blocks and each boy got to work.¬†They worked both independently…


and together, using their busy little hands and their creativity to build something to share at the end of the meeting.


I was so excited to see what the kids came up with!


Some of the animals were made to be as realistic as possible and some were fantastical.


One of our new friends made a Crocodile Car. So cool!10-IMG_0656

He also made a little road and bridge for his car. He worked so hard the whole hour and came up with some really cool ways to use the blocks that I never would have thought of!


His creation was definitely the most elaborate. He knew exactly what he wanted to build and got right to work!


They had such a great time sorting through the big bucket to find what they were looking for. There were so many pieces to choose from, they were able to find pretty much anything they wanted and here’s what my Elliot came up with:



A dinosaur! And then he just couldn’t stop:12-Collages37

In the past Elliot has been very hesitant to use his own imagination to build things – he has felt more comfortable building with sets that have instructions. The night before our first club meeting I was talking to him about how it was going to work and suggested that we do animals for our first building theme. He sat right down and started designing and building his own animals and built four or five in an hour. He was so excited to show his buddies the next day and build some more.

He built all of these without any help from anyone, and I think they all look just like what they’re supposed to.

MegaBloks has such a great variety of pieces, he was able to find some really unique pieces to help him build exactly what he wanted. All his animals are so cool, I’m so proud of him!

I was pretty nervous for our first MegaBuilders Club meeting, but it went so great, thanks to MegaBloks and our awesome club members. We’re all looking forward to April’s meeting!

{Thanks to MegaBloks for sponsoring our club and this post!}

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