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We’ve been in school now for over one month, and I have to say that after a fun and hectic and spontaneous summer, it’s nice to get back to a schedule.

homeschool books

We’re doing something a little different this year with Elliot. He goes to the public school in our neighborhood for half the day and we homeschool for the other half. We do math (Saxon), grammar (First Language Lessons), writing (Writing with Ease), phonics (Explode the Code), history (Story of the World), and piano (Faber Piano Adventures) at home a little before and after he goes to the public school.

It’s working out so well and we’re both really enjoying it. I know he’s really learning the things he needs to know, especially in math, and I get to have him home more. Six hours away from home for a six-year-old is too much for me… Elliot has a wonderful teacher who has been flexible and so great to work with, and I part-time public school is the perfect solution for our family.

yard work

After school we play with neighbor friends, go to parks, ride bikes, work on our yard, and all the outside stuff we can cram in before the snow starts falling. We missed soccer sign-ups for this fall, but we’re thinking about signing up for Chess Club in a few weeks.

With all our activities at home and school, Wet Ones is the perfect solution for on-the-go and busy boy cleanliness. It’s an easy and quick way to clean up after an hour at the park, in the sandbox, or throwing a ball around.

Wet Ones has created an online booklet filled with “Sticky Situations” from Moms and teachers. Check out this free resource filled with notable moments, tips, and advice that celebrates all of life’s “Sticky Situations”.

wet ones travel wipesLike most of you, we’ve had plenty of our own Sticky Situations. For us it’s mostly with our younger kids…the other day I gave them each a Tootsie Pop to keep their hands busy at a specialty tile store (I did NOT want to pay for a wall of broken tiles!). The sucker did keep them occupied, but…what a mess! Linus had sticky sucker juice from his hair to his knees. Thank goodness I had a pouch of Wet Ones in the car!

I also threw a canister of Wet Ones in with Elliot’s class supplies – every teacher needs some antibacterial hand wipes for all those little hands! I hope she hasn’t run out already…

We don’t try too hard to avoid life’s Sticky Situations, just handle them after they happen. Kids will be kids! Just don’t forget the Wet Ones…


1 Jennifer Marie September 29, 2013 at 6:48 am

I try to keep a pack of these in the car with my two young boys. You never know when you will need them and they do work very well.

2 Rachel H. September 29, 2013 at 12:29 pm

Wet Ones are so great! I always have a pack in my purse/diaper bag and use them often! I always like to use them to wipe down the shopping cart and then wipe my kid down before and after putting them in there.

3 Cindy Brooks September 29, 2013 at 12:53 pm

I keep these in the car. They get used a lot! I hadn’t heard of doing a combination of homeschool/public school. I think that’s awesome. He seems to be getting the best of both worlds.

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