*REVIEW* New Build’N’Splash Mega Bloks

by Kelsey Norwood

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build n splash megabloks

Building toys have been my salvation since my first son was born six years ago. We have slowly collected many many building sets over the years, including this set of Mega Bloks for the bath tub!

It’s a new product, scheduled to hit stores this month (Happy New Year!), and my boys have had so much fun building and breaking down in a new place with the added fun of water.

lego bath toysThe red octopus (pictured on the left) goes at the bottom – it has a few suction cups to secure everything to the bottom of the tub. All the other fishy friends stack on top. Some of the pieces have moving parts to create a very fun waterfall for the bathers to watch.

build n splash mega blocks

My two older boys are getting older and were not okay with me taking pictures of them in the tub – they’re so modest these days, which is a nice change actually…So we set it up and they played in the bathroom, which was just as much fun!

The purple octopus piece goes on top and the others fit anywhere in between. The octopus has a little hole for the water to trickle through and it hits all the other pieces on its way down. The starfish spins, the shark dips, and the fish catches the water.

water toys building blocks

This set can be combined with any other Mega Bloks pieces to make an even bigger, more impressive waterfall structure.

mega bloks water toys

megabloks-build-n-splash-bath-blocks-81203-6058And when play time is over, all the pieces go in the blue bucket to drain and dry until next time!

Read more about the Build’n Splash set here – it’ll be in stores soon and then you can get your very own!

Happy New Year. May you and yours build many, many things this year!


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