Sweet Treats: Stenciled Brownies

by Kelsey Norwood

in Food

brownie stencil ideasI was looking through Wilton’s Brownie Fun magazine, which is full of awesome brownie ideas – recipes, birthday party ideas, etc. I decided to make my own brownie stencils with a piece of cardstock and my Cricut. Stenciled brownies would be so fun for a Valentine’s day or birthday party, and it’s way easier than decorating with frosting.

Here’s how to stencil brownies:

brownie stencils

With a Cricut, cut out several small shapes, most of these are about 1″ tall. Using the negative space left in the paper, cut around to make a template.

brownie stencils cricut craft

Leave enough room around the shape in your stencil to cover the whole brownie so you don’t get extra sugar on the edges, unless that’s the look you’re going for…I wasn’t too careful about cutting my stencils out and it worked fine, but I’ll be more careful next time so I can reuse them.

Lay the stencil over the brownie and with a sugar shaker or flour sifter, lightly dust some powdered sugar over the brownie and carefully remove stencil.

brownie stencil ideas

This is a really quick way to decorate brownies without a lot of mess or fuss. I used this brownie recipe from Cafe Johnsonia and…YUM. Fudgy and chewy and chocolatey and…YUM.

I’m thinking February is going to be a month of brownies…Happy Tuesday!

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1 Sue D February 1, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Great idea to use your cricut to make the stencils. I received a Cricut for Christmas so will have to try this.

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