The Wizard and Superman and the Mean, Old, Stinky Monster: A Photo Illustrated Storybook by Elliot and Gus

by Kelsey Norwood

in Crafts,Tutorials

Once upon a time there were two superheroes, The Wizard and Superman. They were very strong because they exercised…

…and ate their fruits and veggies.

There was a mean, old, stinky monster named Mr. Slishy Dog. He was very mean and didn’t share.

One day Mr. Slishy Dog took all the blocks and wouldn’t share.

“Share those blocks with us you stinky old monster!” shouted The Wizard and Superman.

The heroes devised a plan to capture Mr. Slishy Dog and get their blocks back. They planted a trail of magical candy to lure Mr. Slishy Dog to the treasure chest where they could trap him forever.

As soon as Mr. Slishy Dog jumped inside to get the candy…

…the heroes closed and locked it.

And sat on it, just to make sure he didn’t escape.

The Wizard and Superman played with the blocks happily ever after.


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