TOP 10 FAMILY GAMES #2: Zimbbos!

by Kelsey Norwood

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We are a game family – always have been and once we started having kids we decided we were going to be a technology free family, at least as far as phone/tablet games and other gaming systems go.

Fast forward 10 years and we have four busy boys. With no screen time to keep them busy, we find other things to do and our favorite thing is games!

We play games a lot. The boys play with each other, by themselves, we play as a family, every which way you can play games, we play them. And now that our kids are getting a little older, we’re starting to get to play some really fun ones. We’ve tried out a bunch of new games recently and we have 10 new favorites to share.

Presenting, in no particular order, our TOP 10 GAMES EVERY FAMILY SHOULD OWN AND PLAY OFTEN!

1. Sleeping Queens

2. Zimbbos! (Blue Orange Games)


This one is a favorite for our younger two kids. It’s target age is 3 and older and that’s perfect.


Zimbbos! is kind of a logic/building/balance game all in one – there are 10 elephants, 5 jokers, 3 bars, and 1 die, all brightly painted wooden pieces. They’re so nice to play with, we really love and prefer wooden toys/games.

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Each player rolls the die to find out how many elephants to stack on the pyramid. The player who places the last elephant on the pyramid without knocking it over wins!

It’s a perfect first game for three-year olds as it teaches color recognition, counting, develops dexterity, and helps them understand balance. It’s fun to stack the elephants and it’s even more fun to watch the pyramid tumble!


Each game is completely different from the last – the possible configurations are endless!

Zimbbos is around $20 and worth every penny.

Stay tuned for game #3: Hoot Owl Hoot!

{We received this game free of charge to facilitate this review.}

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