*TUTORIAL* Despicable Me Costumes

by Kelsey Norwood

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despicable me costume tutorial

Halloween is 17 days away! plenty of time to make some minion costumes cause they’re easy and inexpensive and super fun!

Here’s how:



I got a little carried away while I was making these costumes and forgot to take step by step pictures. But the whole process is super easy, so some after shots will be more than enough to keep you on track.

*sew all seams at 1/4″


making overalls

1. First you have to make a pattern for the overalls. I used some snow pants – fold them in half along center front and trace around to get the FRONT pattern piece, then cut 2 out of the blue fleece.

making a pattern for overalls

2. Flip the snow pants around so they’re folded along the center back seam and trace around again. Cut 2 out of blue fleece.

sewing overalls


3. Sew one front and one back piece, right sides together, at the side seams (indicated with yellow lines above. They won’t be sewn together yet…you’ll have two separate front/back pieces.)

how to make minion overalls

4. Then you’ll sew the center front seam from the top of the overalls part down to the crotch on the FRONT and BACK.

how to sew pants


5. Then sew the crotch seam from one ankle to the crotch to the other ankle.

The overalls are pretty much done!

sewing costume overalls

6. Cut the straps 8″ wide and about 12″ long. Lightly press the strap in half (on the 8″ side so it’s now 4″ wide). Open and fold the raw edges in to the center (each side is folded in 2″) and then fold the whole thing in half. It’ll be about 2″ wide and 4 layers thick.

7. Sew the straps on the wrong side of the top part of the overalls on the BACK.

8. Try it on your minion and pin the straps to the front so the fit is comfortable. Cut the straps off 2″ below the top of the overalls and sew the buttons in the center of that 2″ overlap space.

despicable me costume logo

9. Sew two button holes on the front of the overalls.

10. Copy and paste the Gru logo image┬áinto a Word document and make it about 2″ in diameter. Print it off, cut it out of the paper, trace it onto black felt, cut out of the felt, and sew onto a 4″ x 4″ pocket piece.

11. Sew the pocket with the logo on to the front of the overalls.



repurpose fabric for halloween costume

For my older boys, I made two long sleeved, hooded yellow tees with this pattern. I bought some 4XL yellow men’s t-shirts from WalMart for $3 each and made them into smaller shirts for my minions.

For my younger minion, I used a long sleeved yellow tee we already had and sewed a hood into the neck.

OR you can use a yellow beanie hat.

despicable me costume minion hair

Whatever you decide to do, cut some black pipe cleaners in half and do a zigzag stitch across them in the center to attach them to the hood.

despicable me costume hoodie with hair

Then bend them up and you have crazy minion hair! I used 3 -4 pipe cleaners cut in half so had 6 – 8 strands of minion hair.

how to make minion glasses

For the glasses, find some plastic dollar store frames – these came with goggly eyes that we took out. Print and cut out the minion goggle template and hot glue it to the front of the glasses.


gru scarf pattern

The finished measurements are about 80″ x 5″. I bought 1/4 yard each of gray and black fleece. Neaten up the cut edges on your two pieces of fleece, and use the whole width.


  • From gray fleece
    • Cut 13 strips 4.5″ wide
  • From black fleece
    • Cut 2 strips 3″ wide
    • Cut 12 strips 2.5″ wide

Start with the 3″ black strip and sew them together, alternating black with gray. The other 3″ black piece will go on the other end.

Neaten the raw edges and fold right sides together along the length of the scarf. Sew one short end closed, down the long edge, and about 1″ into the other short edge.

Turn inside out and sew the opening closed.

And there are 2 easy costumes for your people! I’m working on a Vector suit for myself, tutorial coming soon…

Happy Halloween!



1 Jesse October 17, 2013 at 9:05 pm

So clever. Costume looks great. Thankyou for sharing.

2 Dawna October 18, 2013 at 8:21 am

Love this!!! Especially the Gru ;) Are you going to be Agnes???

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