Elliot has been begging me for months to make him some footed pjs and when I found this pattern his wish came true. Amy Hindman is the brains behind Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and the very cute and creative blog, Naptime Crafters. Her Classic Footed PJs pattern is the first of her many patterns I’ve tried, and the pattern […]

Learning left from right is a skill we’re still working on around here. My 3 and 5 year olds need some more practice so we made a little book to help us out. I used Picasa to edit the photos, it’s what I use for all my photo editing because I haven’t gotten around to […]

This little precious was waking up too much in the night and I just knew it was because he’d kicked his blankets off and was too cold to sleep. A very simple, 30 minute DIY Baby Sleep Sack was the perfect solution. First, make the pattern: Find a sweatshirt and fold in half at center […]