Kid Stuff

Our second builders club meeting was another success! My boys love getting everything ready and bringing down the bins and bins and bins and bins of MegaBloks to share with the club. This meeting our theme was creatures. Some of the kids thought that was a little too similar to our last theme, animals…oops. They […]

Summer means you have your kids all to yourself! Some moms might not think that’s such a great thing, but all it takes to have a great, fun-filled, happy summer is a little planning. My kids are having the most fun when they’re exploring and experimenting and learning, so I try to plan lots of […]

Here are some of the costume items I made for my boys for Christmas. Super hero capes. ¬†Click here for the free patterns. And more super hero capes. I’m still working on a Super Why cape also. What others could I do??? Super hero masks (Click for tutorial) and tool belts from old jeans. These […]

Pin It I don’t know about the rest of the boys on the planet, but my two older boys love toys that aren’t really toys best of all. This Christmas I’m hand making most of their gifts and they’re mostly getting various items for their costume collection. I’m sick of all the toys they don’t […]

A hammer and some nails would really be a boatload of fun in the hands of a toddler boy…but that’s a recipe for holes in unwanted places and smashed thumbs. Our solution to the hammer hunger is a toy hammer and some golf tees. My boys love to sit in the grass and nail away. […]

Since it’s April and still snowing in Utah, we are still enjoying weekly visits to the warm and amazing Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. They’ve added some new displays in the Discovery Room, like all the gears, and I think some other things were different, although I can’t be sure because I might […]

We’ve been spending lots more time outside since the weather has warmed up, and without a fence, I have to keep a pretty close eye on my toddler. Basically, I’ve found that if I get him going on some outdoor activity, he forgets about running off toward the street. One of our favorite things to […]

Making crib sheets yourself (if the fabric is super on sale) is much cheaper than buying, and you can get whatever kind of print you want to match your decor. Maybe most people don’t put a flat sheet on their child’s crib, but it’s a nice light layer for summer and a cozy layer for […]

When I was a kid, my grandparents used old milk jugs for lots of things, but for berry containers in particular. They would cut the top/side off of a milk jug, tie a rope around the handle, sling it around our necks, and send us outside to pick blackberries for fresh pies and jam. Now […]

Make your own Easter baskets this year! You can wrap small shoe boxes or food containers/cans with pretty paper, add¬† ribbon and a chenille stem for the handle, and you have yourself a beautiful, handmade, almost free Easter basket! Here are some other pretty examples from (where my inspiration for this project came from…). […]