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This month we’re learning more about Native Americans and the part they played in American Thanksgiving by making dream catchers! (Dream catchers originate much later than the time of the First Thanksgiving, but we’re focusing on the culture and traditions of all Native Americans. ) From dream-catchers.org: Native Americans believe that the night air is […]

I think I have enough ornaments for several large trees and since our tree is tiny…I have lots of extra ornaments to get crafty with! My dining room table is 60″ x 80″ – that’s the same size as a queen sized mattress. It’s massive and I LOVE it. (My Dad made it for us, […]

This is our first Christmas in our new house and our decorations were looking a little sparse. So we had to improvise. This is one of my favorite spontaneous decorations so far! I cut curling ribbon in varying lengths and tied an ornament to each end, then draped them over some convenient little hooks on […]

We got a late start on Thanksgiving crafty fun, but we’re in full swing now! All 4 of these projects are perfect for this last week we have to celebrate Thanksgiving! 1. Cricut banner (above): I cut the background from the A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge, but any decorative shape will do, the letters from […]

Having Thanksgiving dinner at your house? A bunting is always cheery and festive! I love this one with made from burlap and stenciled letters. It’s so easy and inexpensive, perfect for a last-minute decoration! First make a stencil and cut out 11 flags on the fold. Cut the letters out of freezer paper and press […]

We’ve been in our new house 5 months now and most of our walls still look like this:   Walls are so hard! I have done this and this but that was it until last week when I FINALLY tackled my older two boys’ room. They’re little monsters, so that’s what they get on their walls. […]

After three attempts at a chore chart, I think I’ve finally found the real solution. Version 3 looks a lot like my first cricut chore chart, only all three kids are on the same board. One board is a must – three separate is just too busy and complicated. Version 2 chore chart had good potential […]

I love windows and I really love window treatments. Lately I really REALLY love roller shades, especially in a room with lots of windows. Some need regular curtains and some need roller shades! These windows were screaming roller shades right in my face. So I bought two of the $4 kind from WalMart and fixed […]

    My son’s new bedroom has two huge windows. The whole wall is window, which I love. But buying curtains to cover that much window? Yeesh. So for just under $70 I made 4 panels (54″ x 54″). I could have purchased curtains for less than this but they wouldn’t have been the exact color to […]

I found this rug at Target and I loved it for my office, only it’s 5×7, way too big to fit. So I cut it in half. With scissors. Ack! It was one of those Here Goes… kind of projects but it worked out so great. Using the pattern as a guide, I cut the […]