Making Over

We’ve been spending lots more time outside since the weather has warmed up, and without a fence, I have to keep a pretty close eye on my toddler. Basically, I’ve found that if I get him going on some outdoor activity, he forgets about running off toward the street. One of our favorite things to […]

If you were around for my giveaway last month, you’ll remember Fall Down Tree.  I absolutely LOVE Adam Record’s original art prints.  I can’t describe his style, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  I got my hands on this adorable set called “To The Moon.” When I have a girl baby I’m going to […]

Balloon art and kid’s face painting are two things that no summer should be without. Here’s some amazing balloon art. Pretty cool, huh??? I want this person to come to my birthday party!

Friday was the Beehive Bazaar and Saturday we visited the Oh Sweet Sadie! Art and Gift Show in Draper. This show was held in a beautiful and enormous home so there was plenty of room for local artists and creative people to showcase their stuff. Here are some of my favorite things from Saturday’s show. […]

The Beehive Bazaar happened again this last weekend, and my son and I went and had a great time! I saw some familiar stuff from the last Bazaar and also some new stuff. I am amazed at how creative people can be! I had a lot of fun browsing and getting new ideas. Here are […]

Occasionally I get something interesting via email forward. This, for example. Julian Beever is a sidewalk artist who does pavement drawings in different countries all over the world. If you look closely, you can see the ground through the drawings that are made to appear 3-dimensional from one particular viewpoint. Pretty amazing, huh!?! More of […]

I found this on Design Mom, I’m sure you’ve all heard of her. This link has a handful of beautifully designed tags and labels to use for all kinds of parties and other celebrations. The designs are ready to print, cut, and use to make your party extra special! I have always wanted to learn […]

I took a bookbinding class in college and that class was my top favorite. We learned how to make four different books, clamshell boxes, and how to decorate paper using walnut ink and paste. My teacher was such an inspiration – she helped me develop a deep love for making books and boxes. We learned […]

I got a forward from my sister with pictures of entries submitted to an art contest for the Hirshhorn Modern Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. I don’t know if this contest is for real, you can never trust forwards (look at update at the bottom for artist’s information), but the art is really amazing. The […]

I have a secret love of art and art history. I took a few art history classes in college, and I’ve loved learning about the subject ever since. I love all the different periods and styles of art and how every painting tells a story. I love looking at a beautiful piece of art and […]