This month we’re learning more about Native Americans and the part they played in American Thanksgiving by making dream catchers! (Dream catchers originate much later than the time of the First Thanksgiving, but we’re focusing on the culture and traditions of all Native Americans. ) From Native Americans believe that the night air is […]

We recently got back from a glorious trip up the west coast through Oregon and Washington and our hearts are still there. Oregon is my favorite place in the world and I think it’s my boys’ favorite place too. We decided we ought to make a special Love Oregon t-shirt to commemorate this year’s adventures. […]

We learned about the Maya and did some of our own weaving as a supplemental activity. I love actual skill building activities like this for my kids – it gets them using their hands and heads together and learning actual skills that may come in handy some day! Or at the very least clue them […]

I have been a mother AND a blogger for 8 years now – I started this blog right before Elliot was born – and in all those years, I’ve NEVER made my own play doh. Can you believe it? Honestly, I don’t love play doh, it gets everywhere and makes a huge mess, but the […]

One must use creativity in sewing for boys, and these were a very fun and well received Christmas presents a few months ago. Turtle hoodies! We’ve been wearing them all around town and getting lots of stares and comments. I take stares as a compliment. Our 4th baby is due in 4 weeks, another boy, […]

We got a late start on Thanksgiving crafty fun, but we’re in full swing now! All 4 of these projects are perfect for this last week we have to celebrate Thanksgiving! 1. Cricut banner (above): I cut the background from the A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge, but any decorative shape will do, the letters from […]

We’ve been in our new house 5 months now and most of our walls still look like this:   Walls are so hard! I have done this and this┬ábut that was it until last week when I FINALLY tackled my older two boys’ room. They’re little monsters, so that’s what they get on their walls. […]

Bow ties on little boys are just the cutest. Gus reeeally loves his. And so do weddings. Let’s make some. It’ll just take a few minutes. About 15 actually.   THE 15 MINUTE BOW TIE 1. Cut 3 pieces about 3″ x 10″ – 2 from fashion fabric, 1 from some kind of interfacing: regular […]

My boys are always grabbing armfuls of toys as we walk out the door to run errands or do whatever running around we have to do (way too often these days), and instead of continuing to have their stuff strewn about the car, they each just needed a little bag. They like to call it […]

I love sewing kids’ clothing – they don’t use much fabric and they’re small so they finish up quickly. These little Beach Bum Bermuda shorts (another pattern from this great pattern shop) used only 1/2 yard of fabric (with lots left over) and took me just an hour or two to put together. They have […]