From the time our babies are born until they become active adults, they are full of change. So how do you remember all the cute things they would say and the fun things they liked as they get older and ask questions about their younger years? Traditions play a big part in how kids grow […]

When it comes to toys, most parents feel like they have no option but to go and queue in long stretches to a toy shop. As the summer holidays approach, you know that it is time for more outdoor activities and this simply means an added expense on toys. Unless you are from Richard Banns […]

It has been hot, Hot, HOT here this week. We turned to The Toddler Busy Book for some outdoor activity ideas and came up with a makeshift sailboat racing game. Here’s what you’ll need: cookie sheet/jelly roll pan straws milk jugs lids Line up your contestants, give each a straw, and blow the lid to […]

To go along with our picture activity from yesterday, today we talked about appropriate displays for some of the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Elliot and I practiced together acting sad, angry, surprised, happy, etc. and talked about what kinds of behaviors are appropriate to show those emotions. I believe that sometimes you […]

In an effort to teach Elliot more about emotions and emotional displays, we looked at some pictures from magazines of children and talked about their faces and what each might be feeling. We talked about healthy emotional displays and how our actions affect other people. This activity is simple and easy to do and can […]

Maybe Spring is here at last!!! Today was beautiful and so we got out our outside toys and hit the grass. Along with water art, our favorite outdoor activity is hammering golf tee nails. All you need is a toy hammer, some golf tees, and a patch of grass, and you can hammer away at […]

This is the first time I’ve ever grown wheat grass, and I love it! So easy, spring-ish, green, and beautiful. And tasty, if you’re hungry. Fill up your container most of the way with dirt, toss in a handful of wheat, and fill the rest of the way with dirt. Keep moist and in sunlight […]

Elliot is almost 3 and he’s now starting to be really interested in what we call “projects.” But they have to be simple, so here are some good simple Valentine’s crafts for your toddlers! A paper chain is always a good idea! Use white, pink, and red construction paper cut into 1/2″ – 1″ wide […]

If you live in the Utah County area, come to Pro Digital Photos in Pleasant Grove THIS SATURDAY from 12-1 pm for pictures with Santa! Pro Digital Photos is a locally owned professional photo lab that does digital prints, calendars, photo books, announcements, enlargements, canvas prints, and lots more. They use only the best professional […]

My little Elliot, blesshisheart, just can’t help himself with the markers. He colored on my precious MiniBox not once, but twice! I should have moved the markers after the first time, but I figured we’d all learned our lesson. If a 2 year old is quiet it’s not luck. It’s mischief. Every time. He did […]