I just got my box of Zaycon chicken last week – 40 pounds of chicken with no added hormones, additives, or artificial ingredients, fresh from the processor. I’ve used my chicken in lots of different ways: canned – I love having canned chicken on hand, but I still have plenty from the last time flash […]

  Don’t you hate it when you pack up a peanut butter and jam sandwich and then when it comes time to eat said sandwich you find that the jam has made the bread somewhat soggy? Well, in this simple tutorial we’ll show you how to end your soggy PB & J days. Step 1: Get […]

Eating enough fruits and vegetables is a struggle for me. Smoothies are one of the ways I try to get enough and this is one of my very favorite combinations: vanilla yogurt (Dannon All Natural is my favorite) strawberries blueberries banana little bit of milk a handful of spinach if I have it And instead of dragging […]

This is a guest post from The Red Apron Girl. These cupcakes are truly divine. We tried these because my husband is not a fan of cupcakes he says “cupcakes are too dry and unless you have a gallon of milk they aren’t worth eating.” These, however, he was completely impressed with and said he would take […]

  Yesterday was crazy. Elliot’s first day of kindergarten AND Linus’s first birthday! AND I promised Elliot we could have a reading party when he finished reading lessons. He finished last week and I thought it would be easier to have the reading party and the birthday party the same day. I had big plans for […]

Are you ready for the most delicious pancakes you’ve ever tasted? These pancakes have a hearty, nutty, wholesome flavor that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. At our house, it’s mostly dinner. Healthy Perfect Pancakes Mix 1 1/2 c. milk and 4 T. vinegar and let sit for 5 minutes. In a medium bowl […]

Gus turned three last week and chose a rice crispie treat skyscraper for his “birthday cake.” I’m going to really push this selection in future years because it took about 15 minutes to throw together. That’s my kind of birthday cake! This was the only superhero I could find on short notice. All others were […]

Pin It There’s just no good way to photograph ground beef… But don’t let my photog skills put you off these awesome burritos! I’m so into freezer meals right now, and I got tired of my very thin husband not taking a lunch so I made him up some frozen beef & bean burritos (just […]

While my mom and grandma were here I put them to work helping me make fresh tomato sauce with tomatoes from our garden. Food connoisseur’s such as Chantal Royer say that using fresh homegrown tomatoes add such a great, powerful flavor to any sauce and I couldn’t agree more! We planted several tomato plants and they’ve done really […]

Gus loves balls, so we did little basketball cupcakes for his birthday a few weeks ago. For any kind of ball cupcakes, here’s what you’ll need: Wilton mini ball cake pan cake mix icing I used a tube of Wilton icing from Hobby Lobby instead of filling a little bag thing cause I don’t have […]