Pin It I have had SERIOUSLY dry skin forever. Or at least since I moved to Utah… I tried lots of different things. Cetaphil lotion works really well but it’s EXPENSIVE and I’ve found that conditioner works just as well and is so much cheaper, plus I love a product that does double duty. Try […]

According to a recent study conducted by Mom Central Consulting and HealthyWomen, 30% of women over the age of 17 have heavy or very heavy periods. Of these women, about a quarter feel that there is no solution or assume their flow is normal. is a great resource for all women’s health issues, but […]

We definitely don’t want to be getting the flu this year, especially since babies have to be 6 months before they can be vaccinated, so we’re all getting flu shots! Well, Elliot actually got the “Flumist” vaccination, which was waaay better than a shot. It’s relatively new and my pediatrician says it lasts longer than […]

Like I’ve said before, we’ve had the stomach flu at our house this week, and I have a few tips that will hopefully help the stomach flu pass with a little less trauma for your family. First, our pediatrician recommended Culturelle for the diarrhea (English’s most difficult word to spell), which has afflicted everyone in […]

Pin It Yesterday I talked about putting milled flax seed in yogurt, and I thought I should talk a little bit more about it, since flax seed comes in different forms. You can buy flax as seeds (pictured left) or milled, which is ground up seeds (pictured right). You get more benefit from the milled […]

I love Costco for a few reasons, but the biggest one is their samples. Our Costco doesn’t have a ton of samples, but the ones they do have are really yummy. If you go at the right time you don’t have to make yourself lunch at home! Last time we were there they were doing […]

If you haven’t been on a swing set in a while, take your kids to the park and hop on a swing. Doing things you used to do as a kid is a very happy thing. I think 5 minutes on a swing every day would help me be a better mother with more patience […]

Joel has had really bad diaper rash – I think maybe he’s allergic to milk, but I can’t be sure. He loves milk and it’s the one thing he’ll never reject, so I don’t want to stop giving it to him. It could also have nothing to do with milk – identifying the culprit would […]

So I’m doing a “Biggest Loser/Shape Up” fitness challenge with some friends. I’m mostly doing it for fun – I don’t expect to win because frankly, I’m not really willing to give up some of my unhealthy habits, like dessert several times a day, etc. And in the first several months after my son was […]

Last weekend my husband and my son went on a “Boys’ Bash” outing with Grandma, Grandpa, uncles, and boy cousins. Among other things, they went on a little hike, not terribly long, about a mile. So my son wasn’t in the sun for more than an hour, but he did get a sunburn. It takes […]