Remember my QAYG (Quilt As You Go) tutorial from a while ago? I finished it! And I LOVE how it turned out. It’s technically a queen sized tutorial but it fits just fine on our king sized mattress. I love all the colors AND that I used up TONS of scraps. It was so easy […]

I finally finished this quilt (tutorial here) I started a ridiculously long time ago. Sometimes, it just takes a while to make a quilt. This was my first time paper piecing (here’s my paper piecing tutorial) and it was really fun and easy, but it does take quite a bit of extra time. Probably the […]

One must use creativity in sewing for boys, and these were a very fun and well received Christmas presents a few months ago. Turtle hoodies! We’ve been wearing them all around town and getting lots of stares and comments. I take stares as a compliment. Our 4th baby is due in 4 weeks, another boy, […]

Halloween is 17 days away! plenty of time to make some minion costumes cause they’re easy and inexpensive and super fun! Here’s how: MATERIALS blue fleece yellow hooded t-shirt or knit fabric black pipe cleaners 2 black buttons black felt and Gru logo image dollar store glasses minion goggles template INSTRUCTIONS I got a little […]

Remember my trip to the Fashion District? I’m finally getting around to using some of the 100 yards of knits I bought. I’ve found a couple great commercial patterns, which I love to use whenever possible. They’re easy and most of the thinking is done for me. I usually have to adjust a few things […]

It’s almost Spring again, are you getting in the mood to reorganize and freshen up your house? I am. One of my favorite baskets is the SKUBB collection at IKEA. They come in various sizes, are my favorite color, and are perfectly rectanglar/square so they fit really efficiently in a variety of spaces. Sometimes my […]

Pencil pouches are just great, useful for so many things besides pencils. I use them for traveling, organizing sewing and knitting tools, toys, and lots more. They’re pretty inexpensive to buy but so boring. With a few scraps of fabric and some vinyl, you can make something to suit your personality. Here’s what you’ll need […]

I am super stressed right now with all the house drama with everything that’s gone wrong and so slowly and I just really need to obsess about something else for a while. A new quilt seemed like as good a thing as any. So I’m gonna try out the Bizzy Kid pattern which I’ve loved for a […]

I started this quilt about a year ago and kept moving on to other projects and leaving it in my to-do pile. I don’t know why, cause it’s beautiful and was so much fun to put together. I used mostly an older fabric line called Weekends for Free Spirit Fabrics (designed by Erin McMorris) with […]

My boys are always grabbing armfuls of toys as we walk out the door to run errands or do whatever running around we have to do (way too often these days), and instead of continuing to have their stuff strewn about the car, they each just needed a little bag. They like to call it […]