diaper bag purse

With the birth of my 4th baby, I knew I needed a new diaper bag/purse solution. Regular diaper bags are too big and bulky and I DID NOT want to be carrying both a purse for me and a bag for the baby around everywhere I went. It was time to consolidate into one all-purpose, medium-sized bag with a long strap and plenty of pockets.

ogio brooklyn

Here she is. Ogio’s Brooklyn Bag. It meets all my stipulations and has been perfect.


It’s lightweight and very easy to clean. I LOVE the front flap pocket with those buttons. So cute.

purse pockets

Underneath the flap is a little zippered pocket, and I love the cute polka dot print. It’s such a happy surprise!


That little pocket is perfect for keys, lipstick, lotion, my many tape measures, all the little things I hated digging around for in my old purse.

school bag with tablet pocket

The inside has a padded, zippered compartment in the center for a tablet or laptop. For now that’s where I keep my diapers, wipes, and an extra binky.

purse with tablet pocket

All my other stuff goes in the pockets on either side of the tablet pocket – wallet, phone, extra clothes, burp cloths (our baby is a PUKER). With all the pockets it’s so easy to keep everything organized and easy to find. The whole thing zips closed from the top too with a heavy duty zipper. It’s the perfect purse/diaper bag, I’m so glad I found it!

{Thanks to Ogio for sponsoring today’s review!}

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megabuilders club


Our second builders club meeting was another success! My boys love getting everything ready and bringing down the bins and bins and bins and bins of MegaBloks to share with the club.

This meeting our theme was creatures. Some of the kids thought that was a little too similar to our last theme, animals…oops. They were kind of right. So some of the kids built creatures and some built vehicles and some built combinations of both and some built whatever they wanted. But they all had fun!


Last meeting one of the kids informed me that the figures and some of the pieces reminded him of Halo, which I am completely unfamiliar with so I had no idea. We looked it up and they were right! We got some great ideas for future themes and things to build at home in the meantime.


We had some new friends come this time – everybody was so excited to dig in and build!


Elliot built an interesting flying contraption.


Seeing what these kids come up with always amazes me – he only uses a few unique pieces, but his creation is super cool! And it had moving parts and everything.


This friend built one of my favorite things (but I didn’t tell everyone that!). He used some more really interesting pieces to make a very unique creature. I never would have put those pieces together! These kids are so creative and good at building!



Elliot in his “spy clothes,” playing with a bridge someone made. I have since confiscated that too-small shirt. He has such a hard time growing out of his favorite things.


Linus and I built a car – we have found so many neat pieces in our buckets of blocks from MegaBloks – all kinds of cool vehicle making blocks, wheel bases, hub cab things, and more. Putting them together is so much fun!


Gus made a Crab Car – it drives sideways just like a crab walks. I had no idea he even knew a crab could move sideways! I loved his creativity and also how he assimilated other information he’s learned recently into his building.



We’re the lucky ones – after building club is over my boys play with all the creations for days and immediately start looking forward to the next meeting!

{An enormous THANK YOU to MegaBloks for providing our club materials!}


Amex Offers – More Easy Savings!


We’ve been loyal American Express cardholders for a few years now. We started out with a few credit cards and have cut back to only this one because of its fantastic customer service and benefits. We get plenty of cash back every year and now we enjoy the new Amex Offers program. First off, Amex Offers […]

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*TUTORIAL* Lattice Quilt & Paper Piecing

Finished Quilts
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I finally finished this quilt (tutorial here) I started a ridiculously long time ago. Sometimes, it just takes a while to make a quilt. This was my first time paper piecing (here’s my paper piecing tutorial) and it was really fun and easy, but it does take quite a bit of extra time. Probably the […]

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*TUTORIAL* Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Quilt

Thumbnail image for *TUTORIAL* Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Quilt

I’ve been accumulating scraps for long enough that I have enough to make several quilts…I’m starting my scrap elimination program with a scrappy log cabin quilt and I’m trying the QAYG (quilt as you go) method since this quilt is going to be about 98 x 112 – HUGE! I’m hoping it will be big […]

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Respect the Blade

Thumbnail image for Respect the Blade

Well…that may be a bit dramatic…but I did cut off a good chunk of my left index finger. Completely OFF. I was cutting fabric for a quilt, like I’ve done dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. I must have looked up for a split second – my blade slipped up over the ruler and took […]

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Best Baby Gear – Aden + Anais Swaddlers

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Our newest little bundle is a month old already! He’s still sleeping lots during the day and not as much in the night…but whenever he sleeps, he’s always wrapped up in one of these fabulous cotton muslin swaddling blankets from Aden + Anais. They’re my favorite things ever.  Here he is at during  various naps over […]

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Thumbnail image for Best Baby Gear – UBBI DIAPER PAIL

We just brought home our newest family member 2 weeks ago – our 4th son! After just 2 1/2 short years, we’re back in baby gear mode! And I have some new favorite baby products this time around.   First on my list of must-haves for this baby was a new diaper pail – something […]

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MegaBuilders Club Debut – Meeting #1 Theme: Animals!

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We moved a year ago and we’re all still working on making friends. I’ve been trying to help my first grader especially, so we decided to start an after school building club with a few other boys. MegaBloks generously agreed to sponsor our club and send us everything we could possibly need and then some! […]

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*PRINTABLE* Nature Treasure Hunt

Family Fun
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Since it’s finally spring and we are all so excited to be outdoors we decided it was high time for an adventure, of sorts. My three boys can only take winter and being cooped up in the house for so long…they are loving the warmer weather and are playing outside with neighbors, but we all […]

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