respect the blade

Well…that may be a bit dramatic…but I did cut off a good chunk of my left index finger. Completely OFF.

I was cutting fabric for a quilt, like I’ve done dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. I must have looked up for a split second – my blade slipped up over the ruler and took off the top/corner of my finger like butter.

It happened so fast, there wasn’t a single drop of blood on my blade. And the corner of my finger, with some fingernail, was lying there on the table and my finger was bleeding like crazy. (Here are pictures, if you like gore.)

Later that day, after I got home from the doctor, I bought a gypsy gripper so this will never happen again.

Rotary blades are sharper than I ever imagined – learn from my carelessness: RESPECT THE BLADE. Be careful!


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swaddle blankets

Our newest little bundle is a month old already! He’s still sleeping lots during the day and not as much in the night…but whenever he sleeps, he’s always wrapped up in one of these fabulous cotton muslin swaddling blankets from Aden + Anais. They’re my favorite things ever. swaddling babies

Here he is at during  various naps over the last month – always swaddled in one of his Aden + Anais blankies!

gauze swaddle blankets

They’re sooo soft and fluffy next to his sensitive baby skin. They’re slightly stretchy, lightweight, and absolutely beautiful, perfect for my little guy.

aden and anais blankets

Each of the four blankest that come in this Up, Up & Away set measures 47″ x 47″ – the perfect size. I’ve used lots of receiving/swaddling blankets before, but this is my favorite size. Any smaller is too small, any bigger is too big! This size is just right. They’re so breathable so he doesn’t get too hot all wrapped up tight, and they are sooo soft. And they get softer with every wash. Truly. It’s the best.

aden and anais swaddle blankets

There are so many sets to choose from and they’re all so adorable. Perfectly babyish but totally classy and beautiful at the same time. I chose the Up, Up & Away set, which has the cutest little animals floating away in various ways. So cute!

aden and anais gauze blankets

There are elephants and stars, cows and kites, turtles and parachutes, and birds and umbrellas. I can’t choose a favorite, I love them all!

These swaddlers are so versatile too, perfect not just for swaddling but to use as a nursing cover – I have a regular nursing cover but I almost always use one of these because I always have one with me! And because it’s so lightweight and breathable I get the privacy I need without suffocating and overheating my baby. Because I always have one around, they are often also used as burp cloths. My boy is a spitter and sometimes I have to use whatever I’ve got at the moment. I also love to use them as car seat blankets – they’re warm but again, so lightweight and easy to stuff in my purse or diaper bag.

how to swaddleI’m happy, he’s happy, I wish I had had these for every one of my babies. This little guy is the luckiest!

Do you have a set? Which is your favorite???

{A HUGE thanks to Aden + Anais for sponsoring today’s review!}

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  We just brought home our newest family member 2 weeks ago – our 4th son! After just 2 1/2 short years, we’re back in baby gear mode! And I have some new favorite baby products this time around.   First on my list of must-haves for this baby was a new diaper pail – […]

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MegaBuilders Club Debut – Meeting #1 Theme: Animals!

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We moved a year ago and we’re all still working on making friends. I’ve been trying to help my first grader especially, so we decided to start an after school building club with a few other boys. MegaBloks generously agreed to sponsor our club and send us everything we could possibly need and then some! […]

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*PRINTABLE* Nature Treasure Hunt

Family Fun
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Since it’s finally spring and we are all so excited to be outdoors we decided it was high time for an adventure, of sorts. My three boys can only take winter and being cooped up in the house for so long…they are loving the warmer weather and are playing outside with neighbors, but we all […]

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Catchy Kids Songs Videos


My friend created catchy versions of three well known kids songs.  I’ve shown them to my boys ages 6, 4, and 2 and they all love to watch them and ask to watch them over and over.  The best part is that the songs don’t get old quickly like kids music usually does. The first […]

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*REVIEW* Radio Flyer – Cyclone

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Now that it’s finally spring, we’ve unearthed all our outdoor toys and are spending more time in the cool sunshine. New this spring is Radio Flyer’s Cyclone bike – it’s different from anything we’ve tried before and we’re loving it! With arm powered action instead of foot pedals, kids from 3 – 7 years can cruise AND […]

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*REVIEW* Jeep Off-Road Adventure

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Well, we’ve had another fun filled week of building and re-building, this time the new Jeep Off-Road Adventure set from Mega Bloks. My boys were thrilled to help me review this set – they love the figures and the two cool Jeep vehicles, a green Expedition Jeep and orange off-road Jeep. The Expedition was Elliot’s […]

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Worry Free TV

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My young kids are constantly wanting to watch television shows on the internet. I usually let them watch one show a day after all their schoolwork and chores are done, but since they’re only 6 and 4, I don’t feel comfortable leaving them to their own devices for that half hour. It’s not like putting […]

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*FREEBIE* My Father’s Dragon Lapbook

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I haven’t posted a lot about this, but I’m homeschooling my 1st grader part time this year. He’s a good student and has been successful in public school but I want to be more involved with his education. We’re having lots of fun, especially with lapbooks. We recently read My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles […]

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