Have you seen Amazon’s Holiday Toy Guide for this year? It’s pretty bad. I had to look for several minutes before I found something I would even consider buying for my kids. Most of it is noisy, plastic, electronic, or just plain junk.

I’m not sure who is buying all that garbage when there are gobs of great toys out there that kids actually love. If you need some ideas, I’ve got 4.


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sir cumference all the king's tens This week’s book is part of a series that is a new favorite of ours all about Math Adventures. I love the clever idea behind Sir Cumference (get it…Circumference??? As in the “the enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure, especially a circle?” Ha!)

There are 8 books in the series and they cover a range of basic mathematical principles in a very non-math kind of way. They’re just stories!

My kids definitely don’t get the word plays right now and I’m so looking forward to the day when we start geometry and I see the lightbulb go off. “Wait a minute…Circumference? Sir Cumference?” They’re going to love it. And they’re learning these tough mathematical principles and words without even knowing it.
SirCKingsAll the King’s Tens is about Lady Di of Ameter throwing a birthday party for her husband Sir Cumference. They plan a huge celebration and tons of people come but they need to know exactly how many to have enough seats and food for everyone.

After trying several things, they decide the best way to count everyone is to put everyone in groups of 10s, then put the groups of 10s into groups of 100s, the groups of 100s into groups of 1000s until they figure out they have 9,999 guests.

That Sir Cumference is a popular guy!

It’s a fun story to start talking about place value and grouping. It’s learning through stories at its best, our very favorite way to learn.

Have you read any of the Sir Cumference stories? Which one is your favorite???


Builder Boys: Invisible Boatmobile Rescue

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We’ve been building again! This time the Invisible Boatmobile Rescue set from MegaBloks and, as usual, there are some really unique elements to this set that we’ve never seen before in any of our other sets. This set includes a buildable bobCAT vehicle complete with a jellyfish catapult. See it in action below: That blurry […]

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*GIVEAWAY* Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Family Pass

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One of our favorite things to do in Salt Lake City is visit the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. We’ve been there a few times, not nearly often enough, and our kids always look forward to our visits. We got to attend a special blogger’s night and learned some really great things about the museum. First […]

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*BOOK OF THE WEEK* The Fairy-Tale Handbook AND Color For Baby

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Like all book lovers, we’re huge fairy-tale fans so we really enjoyed The Fairy-Tale Handbook illustrated by Tomislav Tomic and published by Candlewick Press. This is a great book for early elementary ages, especially about the 5-9 age range. It’s an “interactive adventure through the magical world of fairy tales.” Each page takes a general […]

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*REVIEW* Jean Tats

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So… Jean Tats. Apparently they’re the new thing. And the truth is…I was a little iffy about them. At first. But then we got some and tried them out and LOVED them! I really don’t like the temporary tattoo stickers for your skin so these are actually a really fun, durable alternative that my kids […]

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*REVIEW* Mega Bloks Krusty Krab Attack!

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MegaBloks is constantly adding new sets to their extensive collection, and we were thrilled to try out two new SpongeBob SquarePants sets this month. Elliot chose to build the new Krusty Krab Attack set – it’s the famous SpongeBob underwater diner, complete with a tricky launcher to catapult hamburgers, plates, and other kitchen weapons flying […]

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TOP 10 FAMILY GAMES #6: Bananagrams

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Our latest favorite family game is Bananagrams! We love words so of course we also love word games and Bananagrams is the best. Play is easy – the goal is to be the first player to use all of your letters in a word grid. Each player takes a certain number of tiles depending on […]

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TOP 10 FAMILY GAMES #5: Forbidden Island

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If you’re just tuning in, I’m doing a Favorite Family Games roundup and sharing 10 of our family’s favorite games! We’re up to #5! Sleeping Queens Zimbbos! Hoot Owl Hoot Wackee Six 5. Forbidden Island (Gamewright Games) This is another cooperative game for an older audience, although because it’s cooperative it works well to play […]

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TOP 10 FAMILY GAMES #4: Wackee Six

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We are a game family – always have been and once we started having kids we decided we were going to be a technology free family, at least as far as phone/tablet games and other gaming systems go. Fast forward 10 years and we have four busy boys. With no screen time to keep them busy, we find […]

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