best playdoh recipeI have been a mother AND a blogger for 8 years now – I started this blog right before Elliot was born – and in all those years, I’ve NEVER made my own play doh. Can you believe it?

Honestly, I don’t love play doh, it gets everywhere and makes a huge mess, but the kids…they love it.

The store bought stuff dries out so quick and I’ve heard it’s so easy to make, tonight I finally tried it.

And I’m a believer.

Even though I’ve only tried this one, it’s the best recipe ever. Super soft and doughy, takes the color like a champ, and really normal ingredients.

I found the recipe here. It’s perfect.

Go make some doh already!


throw pillow sham pattern tutorial how to diy

Bed pillows, throw pillows, flower pillows, word pillows…PILLOWS PILLOWS PILLOWS!!! I kind of love them. Here are 15 beauties for your spring decor freshening (surely you’re doing it too…) for which new pillows are a must:

1. Rosette Pillow 2. Flora Pillow 3. Word Applique Pillow 4. Pintucked Pillow Cover 5. Ruffled Spiral 6. Twist Pillow 7. Rosette Embellished Pillow 8. Fold Over Button Pillow 9. Round Pleated Pillow 10. Petal Pillow 11. Solid Sprocket Pillow 12. Pillow with Piping 13. Monogram Stencil Pillow 14. Pintuck Wave Pillow 15. Flanged Pillow Sham


I just made new shams for my bed and I am now motivated to make my bed every day. It’s a small miracle but a freshly bed made with new pillows just makes my day go a little better.

king pillow sham tutorial for bed flange

This Rosette Pillow I made years ago is still my favorite. I ought to make a dozen more.


Goldfish Tails & Tales

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The more time I spend with my children, the more fascinated I am by them. Children are such amazing creatures, so full of curiosity, energy, love, and joy. My children amaze me every day with the zest they have for even the most menial parts of life. They love it all and teach me in […]

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*REVIEW* Animal Hats from IRAROTTpatterns

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Did you notice these two patterns in my Round Up a few months ago? Oh my adorable… I have a real thing for animal hats and I feel like the time I have to make them for my kids is running out! Pretty soon they’re going to think they’re too old and cool for these […]

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*REVIEW* Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab

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The hubbs took the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off so we played A LOT. Playing with Dad around is always so much more fun. At our house Dad is the one who usually does the science  experiments, etc. with the kids. I just don’t have enough extra energy…it’s a great thing for […]

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Knitted Lucy Hat Pattern

Sticks & String
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I am still knitting like crazy. It’s such a great winter pasttime, I’m totally loving it AND all my favorite new patterns, especially this Lucy hat. The shop is called Fiddlestyx Studios and she makes this hat up in “girl” colors but I loved it for a boy hat with all the texture and randomness. […]

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Knitted Diamond Weave Hat Pattern

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This is another adorable pattern from CreatiKnit – she is the creator of the Gnome Hat and tons of other beautiful knitted hats, mostly for women and children. This one is the Diamond Weave pattern and I LOVE the beautiful texture she creates in her patterns. This one is so adorable, easy, and fun to […]

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Knitted Gnome Hat Pattern

Sticks & String
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I’ve been working on making up some of those adorable hat patterns I found on Etsy last week. The Gnome Hat was one of my first – it’s so easy and fast since it’s knitted with bulky yarn and large needles. I LOVE patterns like this – I knit the whole thing in an evening, […]

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*ROUND UP* 14 Favorite Hat Patterns

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Colder weather always makes me want to pull out my yarn, hooks, and needles. I go on the hunt almost every fall for new favorite hat patterns. I found 14 this season that I love and wanted to share with all of you! Here’s what we have from the top: Green Snake – KNIT – […]

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Radio Flyer’s 25 Days of Holiday Giveaways: *Day #7* BLAZE the Interactive Rocking Horse

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It’s officially time to panic about holiday shopping! With just over three weeks until Christmas day, time is running out but there are plenty of great deals still left to be had and nothing beats free. Radio Flyer is giving away a toy a day for 25 days – if you start now, that’s a […]

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