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I don’t know how you feel, but for me, going out with my kids can be completely exhausting. I like to be busy and out and about, but doing it with kids is just hard.

I’m always forgetting to bring along something for them to play with or do to keep their little hands busy while I get our errands and shopping done. And even if I do remember to grab something, it’s either too big and bulky to be useful or to small and simple to be entertaining.playskool

But the problem is solved! Playskool recently introduced a new line of lightweight, completely portable “On-the-Go” toys that are specifically designed to be helpful to moms while we’re out and about:


1. Fold’N Go Elephant Toy

This lovable, floppy, sweet elephant can lay flat on the floor for tummy time or can be squished up and fit inside a purse to bring along in the car or on a trip to the pediatrician’s.

It comes with plenty of sensory features including a rattle, a clicker, a squeaker, a mirror, a squeaker, a crinkly ear, and more.

My baby loves the soft fabric, the different textures, and that cute little heart. He loves to carry Elephant around by its heart. So sweet!


2. Dressy Kids – Bessy Doll

A baby girl is just what we needed in our house full of boys, and this little girl is perfect. She is soft, which I love. I do not like hard dolls – dolls should be soft and cuddly, and this one is. She also has all kinds of unique fasteners to help develop those fine motor skills and practice getting dressed with a zipper, a button, a buckle, a hook and loop fastener, and a tie.


She fits just right in my purse, along with one other favorite On-the-Go toy:


3. Stack’N Stow Cups

There are few things my Ike loves more than stacking so these cups are a huge hit with him. When the cups are all compacted and ready to be thrown in the purse, they have a little lion face lid that keeps them all in place. It’s the cutest thing with all the colored handles sticking out like a mane, I adore it!

Each cup has an easy grasp handle and a shape cut out so we can learn shapes while we shop, but the best part about this toy for me is how small it is – I can fit it in my smallish purse with no problem at all. It’s the perfect size for an on-the-go toy!


4. Roll ‘N Gears Car

Cars and gears are always a hit and this little toy is a two-in-one! Baby can roll it along the floor on the moving wheels AND watch the passengers moving around inside.The gears can be removed and stacked for more hands on fun. Gears are so fun for my kids – they love to see how they can make them move and turn.

Starred Photos8

5. Pop Up Shape Sorter

As perfect and compact as these toys are for traveling and being out and about, they are also some of my kids favorite toys at home, especially the Pop Up shape sorter – like the stacking cups, this one also has an adorable little animal face. It condenses down to only about 1″ tall and the pieces all fit inside. When it’s play or go time, the rubbery sides pop up and the shapes stack for mix and match play.

One of the things I think is most awesome about the world today is how inventive and solution oriented people and companies are – I love seeing all the problem solving going on in the marketplace, and Playskool has jumped in and solved this travel toy problem for us all.

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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the TB Blood Test. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


I certainly am grateful for modern medicine helping me keep my little ones healthy and well, but truthfully? Going to the doctor is one of my least favorite things. I hate taking my kids to the doctor for lots of reasons – they’re always sick or hurt, so that’s no fun. But more than that, it takes forever. It’s also expensive. And I never know if the doctor is really concerned or just placating me with medications, etc.

All that stuff stresses me out, but the tip of the iceberg is the waiting which is why I think the new TB blood test sounds absolutely fabulous.

Tuberculosis is an uncommon disease in the United States but extremely common worldwide. Every 3 seconds a new infection happens and 30% of the world’s population is infected (data from theTBbloodtest.com).  Someone dies of TB every 21 seconds.


I have three brothers and all three of them served foreign proselyting missions for our church in Chile, Canada, and Russia, respectively. They were required to be tested for TB before they left and after they returned home.

When I heard about the new TB blood test I asked my mom what her experience was with the traditional skin test that was available at the time my brothers needed to be tested. She said it wasn’t too bad except she had to take each of them to the doctor to get the skin test and then again for the nurse or doctor to assess the reaction on their skin. That’s two doctor’s visits! In just a few days!

She said it was the worst. Especially the time that life was crazy and my older brother got the test but then had to be back in college in another state before they could get back in for the doctor to assess the reaction.

Two visits! Gah.

Plus, the skin test was completely subjective and entirely open to visual interpretation. It was definitely not a cut and dried yes or no and that was a little stressful too.

The new TB blood test eliminates all of those concerns and inconveniences.

  • It’s efficient
  • It’s accurate
  • It’s objective

It’s a simple blood test – 3 ml of blood is drawn and sent to a lab for testing. They call with the results and that’s it! One visit and you get an accurate, objective result.

There are lots of reasons to get a TB test besides returning from a foreign country – maybe your child is leaving home to go to college or maybe a child has a compromised immune system and the infection risks are greater.

Whatever the reason, testing for TB is now easier and more accurate than ever. Check out more information about the TB blood test here and STAY HEALTHY!







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