Book Talk

We have been learning lots about animals in our homeschool adventures – I try to have my boys read a few nonfiction books every day and lots of times they choose to read about animals. These two books have been great resources for our at-home learning. Frozen Wild is a wonderful book about cold climate animals and […]

We’re using The Story of the World curriculum for history this year (and forever because we love it!) and just finished up our study about Christopher Columbus. We found several wonderful books about him I wanted to share with you! Some of these are chapter books, some are easy to read picture books, and others […]

We love children’s classics and have been reading one after another the last few months. We’ve been through Pinocchio, Jungle Book, The Wizard of Oz, and a few others. Most recently we picked up Ian Fleming’s modern classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This anniversary edition is beautiful with thick glossy paper, fun illustrations, and a […]

This week’s book is part of a series that is a new favorite of ours all about Math Adventures. I love the clever idea behind Sir Cumference (get it…Circumference??? As in the “the enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure, especially a circle?” Ha!) There are 8 books in the series and they cover a […]

 We just finished another  great classic as our nighttime read! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, also illustrated by Robert Ingpen, our favorite guy. I have been surprised at how willing and excited my kids are to listen to classic stories – they’re definitely more complex and the language is sometimes difficult, especially for little kids! […]

We go to the library every other week at least and most of the time I have a few picture books I know I want but the rest I pick randomly and sometimes I get some really bad/boring/dumb books. The kids never mind but I do. If I’m going to read picture books for an […]

It’s hard work being a farmer and even harder running a dinosaur farm – but that’s just what the farmer does every day in this new book by Frann Preston-Gannon! The farmer wakes up very early to take care of all his animals and you find out pretty quick that all the animals on his […]

We’ve been working our way through children’s classics each night before bed time. It’s a wonderful way to end the day as a family enjoying fabulous literature together. We’re reading Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi right now and this edition, illustrated by Robert Ingpen, is my all-time favorite (published by Sterling Publishing). It’s a beautiful book with thick, […]

This week’s book focuses on one of our favorite things – maps and geography! My boys have been interested in geography lately. It all started with this awesome video of US geography and continued on to this even more awesome video about world geography. My oldest has listened to the Tour the States song so many times, […]

I’ve read more nonfiction so far this year than all of last year in total, and I have enjoyed every single one so much! I used to be a strictly fiction reader, but I have discovered the pleasure of nonfiction with these books: The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan about the Israel/Palestine conflict with very […]