Making Over

A few days ago I shared Hannah’s ribbon storage idea, and she’s with us today to share it herself! Hannah blogs at Sherbet Blossom. I’m all about storage solutions that are both practical and pretty. My ribbons used to be stored in a way that was neither: thrown into a big, red IKEA box. The […]

My craft room is in our basement bedroom, but I share with the “office” so I don’t have enough room for all my craft stuff plus all my sewing stuff. So my sewing stuff is on a table at one end of our family room. Not ideal, but I’m glad to have a room to […]

I have some kitchen storage issues – the main problem is that we have no pantry. I have to use the tops of my cupboards as storage spaces, which doesn’t look very nice at all but I don’t have much of a choice. I had all my baking supplies (flour, sugar, etc.) in one of […]

Organizing Tip #1: Plan Organizing Tip #2: Sort Organizing Tip #3: Strategize Organizing Tip #4: Analyze The third step is to attack. Vicki listed four parts of the attacking step: De-Junk: get rid of the stuff you don’t use, need, or want Give everything a home: you’ll more likely put it away when you’re finished […]

Organizing Tip #1: Plan Organizing Tip #2: Sort Organizing Tip #3: Strategize As you go through your house, notice where clutter collects and focus on finding a solution for those areas. We had a mail issue. Paper causes organization problems for most people. We pay our bills upstairs in the office and keep our shredder […]

Organizing Tip #1: Plan Organizing Tip #2: Sort At this class I went to, the presenter talked about “prime space allocation,” which is the space from your knees to as high as you can reach. When you organize things on shelves or in stacks, use that space first because it’s most visible and easiest to […]

Organizing Tip #1: Plan To begin the decluttering process, start with 5 boxes, labeled as follows: Garbage Donate Another Room Think About Return Begin with one small area and make a huge pile of everything on the floor. Take things out of previous containers so you can see it all. This will help you sort […]

In honor of January being National Get Organized Month, this post is the first in a five part series about getting organized! PLAN I went to an organization class last year at our public library and learned some very useful things. I love containers and organizing and re-arranging things so this class inspired me to […]

I used to keep all my extra die cut shapes in a drawer in my Minibox, and I never used them. That drawer just kept getting more and more full! Putting your extra die cut shapes in baseball card sleeves makes using up those extras so much easier. You can organize the shapes in lots […]

When I was a kid, my grandparents used old milk jugs for lots of things, but for berry containers in particular. They would cut the top/side off of a milk jug, tie a rope around the handle, sling it around our necks, and send us outside to pick blackberries for fresh pies and jam. Now […]