Making Over

Pin It We have a fancy Christmas party to go to next week and I needed some fancy but flat shoes. I think glitter will do the trick. I covered these cheap plain black flats from PayLess with very fine black glitter and I love how they turned out. You could definitely make over thrifted […]

I have finally concluded that for me, the key to being (and looking) organized is using as few different types of organizational containers as possible. In other words, find a few different sizes of containers that are pretty one-size-fits-all and use them for everything. For most things in my house, I have settled on the […]

I have more socks with holes than without, and I can’t bring myself to just throw them away! My solution? Leg warmers. I wear these under jeans and skirts, to bed, all the time! Here’s how: Cut off the foot of the sock at the ankle. Serge or zigzag around the bottom to prevent unraveling. […]

I inherited a really nice, large, wood-framed bulletin board from my parents and it sat unused in our basement for several years because the bulletin board was covered with an old green felt. Blah and blech. I gave it a little makeover with some fabric from a local quilting shop and put it up above […]

I’m working on a silhouette project for my bedroom and the first step, spray painting frames, is finished! (I used Krylon’s Ivy for the frames.) I also decided to add some fabric flowers. (Both the silhouette project and fabric flowers are from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts, which has HUNDREDS of fabulous projects.) For the […]

You know how I love to embellish towels…this is one I did recently forĀ  a baby shower gift. I’ve also done this, and this, this, and this. And these are really fun and cute for babies and kids, but what about for your bathroom? You can do anything with bath towels and fabric. For my […]

When I was a kid, my grandparents used old milk jugs for lots of things, but for berry containers in particular. They would cut the top/side off of a milk jug, tie a rope around the handle, sling it around our necks, and send us outside to pick blackberries for fresh pies and jam. Now […]

In case you’re getting tired of all the scrapbooking/paper crafting business that’s been going on lately, I thought I’d share with you two new ways I like to use my cookie scoop. 1. As a melon baller. No need to have two tools when one will do the job. A small cookie scoop is perfect […]

In my son’s nearly 2 years, he’s had 2 bloody noses in the middle of the night. Have you ever walked into your child’s bedroom in the middle of the night, half asleep, without your glasses, to sooth him back to sleep only to find his face covered in blood? Hmm? If you have children […]

Today I’m going to teach you a little something that should help you keep your linen closet a bit more sightly and orderly – how to properly fold a fitted sheet! Those fitted sheets can be a real pain, but not if you know how to fold them properly. I have produced a short video […]