The DivaCup: A new way of doing unpleasant things.

by Kelsey Norwood

in Reviews

The older I get the more I hate having a period. It’s just so inconvenient. I hate spending money on supplies and carrying them around with me every where I go, so I found a new way.

This is my new way, The DivaCup – a silicone reusable menstrual cup – and I love it.

I still don’t look forward to menstruating, but I don’t dread it anymore. I have one product I can use all week long, removing and rinsing as necessary.

It’s comfortable, convenient, cost-effective, not any more icky or messy than disposable products, and I’ll never go back.

For you skeptics. According to official FAQs, the DivaCup

  •  can be worn a maximum of 10-12 consecutive hours
  • is no more “icky” than pads or disposable tampons
  • inserts and removes easily and comfortably
  • allows you to track your flow accurately
  • prevents odor since it’s worn inside the body
  • comes in two sizes (post and pre-childbirth)
  • is not a contraceptive device
  • is only available in natural, un-pigmented silicone for optimal health
  • is much more cost effective than disposable options at $10-$30
 I wish someone had told me about these years ago – I’ve wasted so much money and been caught unprepared too many times. Never again!
It’s a new year, time for new and better methods. Make 2013 the year for switching over to The Diva Cup.
Find a store here and follow The DivaCup on Facebook and Twitter for sales, discount codes, giveaways, and other information.
{Vanilla Joy received product to facilitate this review but was not paid.}

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