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The Skuut winner is Alyson! She said, “My 2 1/2 year old watches her older sister ride her bike all the time. She has a little playskool car that she scoots around on but she is getting too big for that. I would love for her to have something like this!”

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skuut balance bike

Teaching a child to ride a bike can be kind of traumatic with the falls and figuring out the balancing thing… Some kids get scared and don’t want to keep trying!

The Skuut balance bike is the perfect solution. They can learn all the essential bike riding skills easily and quickly without even knowing they’re doing it. The Skuut teaches balance, coordination, and steering and it’s not even a little bit scary!

It’s also such a cute and sturdy little bike, and so easy to put together! I did it with just the little tools included in about 10 minutes. We pumped up the tires and he was ready to Skuut!

The frame is made of wood and it has no training pedals, training wheels, or brakes so it gives kids the chance to practice those essential bike riding skills without having to think about about too many things at once.

It’s made for children ages 2-5. My Gus is pretty tall for his almost 4 years and it was a little small for him, but it still totally taught him how to ride a regular bike, he just couldn’t get it going quite as fast. Fine with me!

Because there are no pedals, the child pushes off the ground with his feet just like he’s running, letting him get the feel of balancing without being on just two wheels. It’s the perfect way to get a child ready to ride a regular bike!

kids learn to ride bike

Gus hadn’t tried riding a regular bike at all before he hopped on the Skuut. He went straight from his tricycle to this and he loved it immediately. He never fell over or crashed, it wasn’t scary, and he could go faster than on his little tricycle. And he felt a lot more like big brother…

learn to ride a bike


We love to take our bikes to a local park with lots of sidewalk space and Gus cruised around all by himself on his Skuut, getting himself ready to ride a regular bike without even knowing it.

After a few days of Skuuting around, we went encouraged him to try riding Elliot’s bike. He was afraid at first and didn’t want to do it but agreed and…

no training wheels

Seriously, within seconds he was riding out of Boyd’s grip! I had no idea how easily he would take off and go on a regular bike after practicing on the Skuut!

best way to teach how to ride a bike

He was a little wobbly at first and still is getting the hang of it all, but he hasn’t fallen yet!

skuut balance bike

Teaching Elliot how to ride a regular bike was so much harder. The Skuut balance bike is the best way to get a child ready to ride without fear or falls.

Good thing Gus’s birthday is coming up, he’s ready for a regular bike thanks to Skuut!

Have you ever tried a balance bike? What did you think???


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