michael miller

I’ve been a little MIA, but I haven’t been doing nothing! I had no idea how much work moving would be and we’re no where near finished yet. But we can park both cars in the garage and there are fewer than…20? boxes unpacked in the house (not counting the basement…). The office has been […]

It’s almost Spring again, are you getting in the mood to reorganize and freshen up your house? I am. One of my favorite baskets is the SKUBB collection at IKEA. They come in various sizes, are my favorite color, and are perfectly rectanglar/square so they fit really efficiently in a variety of spaces. Sometimes my […]

I took a nice long break from quilts, and this Jack’s Blocks pattern was a fun one to get back into quilting with. My stash has grown in the meantime so…it’s time. I had a handful of Michael Miller quilting cotton prints to use for this quilt – Dino Dudes, a few from the new […]

Remember how I went to the Fashion District in LA looking for modern home dec fabric and didn’t find anything? Well I found it now. Michael Miller’s new BEKKO Collection by Trenna Travis is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Perfect colors, perfect prints, perfect weight. It’s 100% cotton sateen and it’s fabulous. It comes […]

Michael Miller just released a bunch of beautiful new lines, including some new knit fabrics by Patty Young! Lately I have been all about the knits – they’re so soft and comfy and … comfy. I love comfy for me, for my kids, it’s what I need in my life right now. I have a […]

Today is Monday, and I WILL have a giveaway this week, just probably not up and running until tomorrow. It’s a good one though…you’ll like it. As for today, I just finished hand sewing the binding onto my Michael Miller Ginger Blossom tumbler quilt. I enjoy hand sewing and always use a slip stitch, which […]