sewing with bias tape

I got the idea for this project in Sew & Stow by Betty Oppenheimer (same book with the after-swim wrap and 29 other fabulous home organization projects) and it’s really helping me clean up the clutter in my car. The instructions in the book are great because Oppenheimer gives standard measurements and then a formula […]

Good bibs are hard to come by, are they not? We had one old one that was perfect – vinyl and big, easy to clean and didn’t get moldy. But Gus has ripped it to shreds. I couldn’t find any bib in a store worth buying, so when I saw an adorable tablecloth at Target, […]

I love to have plenty of extra blankets, and fleece is so inexpensive (on Black Friday especially) that making your own is really the way to go. To give your handmade fleece blankets a more finished, store-bought, colorful look, finish the raw edges with bias tape. You can make the border as wide or narrow […]