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Read Part 2: The Ties We got a new car seat for baby #3, a Britax Chaperone. My old car seat cover would have worked just fine, but the colors didn’t really match. So it wouldn’t really have worked just fine. Zebra stripes and paisleys work much better. Love. It. I used minky for the […]

We inherited a 20 year old cape that my mom made for my little brother, and with two boys, one cape just doesn’t cut it. For Gus’s birthday, I made new capes for both boys. I started out dreading this project because I wasn’t sure how to get just the right cape shape, but I […]

In today’s video, learn all the basic crochet stitches for making a head band/ear warmer or any kind of basic hat. Enjoy!

Button holes can be intimidating to sew and the LAST thing you want is to rip right through the tack and ruin whatever you’re working on. To save yourself even from the possibility of ruining your project, stick a straight pin just inside one of the tacks. Starting in the center of the buttonhole, poke […]

I got the idea for this project in Sew & Stow by Betty Oppenheimer (same book with the after-swim wrap and 29 other fabulous home organization projects) and it’s really helping me clean up the clutter in my car. The instructions in the book are great because Oppenheimer gives standard measurements and then a formula […]

Pin It I really do love the tablecloth bib from a few months ago, but I only made one and bias tape isn’t my favorite thing so I wasn’t real keen on making a whole handful of them. But a bib made from a dish towel is something I can really put into production! Except […]

You can buy shoulder harness pads for kids car seats, but Elliot hasn’t had any and I wanted to make him some to match his carseat. I used scraps and it was a quick and easy sewing project. Cut 4 pieces of fabric (I used flannel) 6.5″ x 6.5″. Cut 2 pieces of thin batting, […]

I can really only give general instructions in this tutorial because unless you have the same exact number of needles as I do, you’ll have to adjust anyway. Here goes… Materials 1/4 – 1/3 yard home decor fabric/outdoor canvas, etc. 1/4 yard coordinating cotton fabric coordinating ribbon basic sewing supplies My knitting needle case is […]

I am hatching a plan to keep all of our toys more organized: drawstring bags. I made this first one for animals, and Elliot is doing a good job keeping his animal toys put away in this bag. It’s also a handy little thing to grab as we’re walking out the door if he HAS […]

Good bibs are hard to come by, are they not? We had one old one that was perfect – vinyl and big, easy to clean and didn’t get moldy. But Gus has ripped it to shreds. I couldn’t find any bib in a store worth buying, so when I saw an adorable tablecloth at Target, […]