sewing tutorial

Pencil pouches are just great, useful for so many things besides pencils. I use them for traveling, organizing sewing and knitting tools, toys, and lots more. They’re pretty inexpensive to buy but so boring. With a few scraps of fabric and some vinyl, you can make something to suit your personality. Here’s what you’ll need […]

These days my mornings get started way to fast for me to even think about doing something interesting with my hair. So pony tail it is on most days, but that’s nothing a twisty headband can’t fix! SUPPLIES 1/4 yard fabric (or a large scrap) I used the new Riley Blake Chevron in Navy basic […]

Linus was born at the very end of August and so he has been pretty newbornish this whole winter. Keeping him warm and bundled when we go out is obviously important, but putting him in the car seat that way is a nightmare. I made him a little fleece poncho so he could wear his […]

Pin It This isn’t Landon…it’s Gus wearing Landon’s towel, and isn’t he a silly goose. My boys each have their own hooded towel and they’re great. So easy to make and they hang on the hangers sooo much easier with a hood. EVERY kid needs a hooded towel, that’s all I’m saying, and here’s what […]

Are you a cardigan girl? I TOTALLY am. Before we begin, be sure to check out what other clothing re-purposing I’ve done–like this T-Shirt grocery bag video tutorial for example. Now back to the cardigan. This tutorial on Pinterest inspired me and I promise you that soon I will have more cardigans than is healthy for a girl. Here’s […]

Pin It So the coral addition to my color scheme is OUT. I think I’m going to stick with straight blues and greens. It’s super matchy matchy, but that’s kind of my thing. So I made another sprocket pillow, only this time sans sprockets. I found this beautiful Michael Miller fabric (Sandi Henderson’s Secret Garden) […]

Pin It I whipped me up a new nursing cover to (mostly) match my car seat cover for this new baby. I used this fabulous Michael Miller fabric, part of the Citron Gray line. I love how it’s so neutral. Pretty for me but not girly for Linus. Love. It. I did this one super […]

Remember my new crib bumper sewing tutorial from a week or so ago? Michael Miller Lagoon and Groovy Guitar fabric? In that I told you to leave about a 12″ opening along the bottom of each panel to insert the bumper pad into and then hand sew the opening closed. Well. Forget that. I tried […]

As promised, here is Part 2 of the Car Seat Cover Tutorial (here’s Part 1: The Cover)! Cut four strips of fabric from coordinating or same fabric. Press exactly in half, open, and press outer edges in to center so it ends up looking like above. Press flat. The ends are going to have raw […]

As soon as I’m finished with Sharky’s room, I’ll post pictures. But for now, you’re just getting bits and pieces. The most important supply has been Michael Miller fabric – I’m using a combination of the Groovy Guitar and Lagoon prints, and I LOVE how everything is coming together. Love the colors, love the prints, […]