Baby Safety Equipment

Children can get themselves into a lot of interesting situations.  Sometimes I think they are walking accidents.  And most parents probably think the same thing.

There are a lot of child safety products out there that one can use to feel at ease.  As a new parent of only about 3 years, I have learned a few things about baby proofing and child proofing my home and I’m sure I have yet to learn a lot of things still.

I will be adding safety tips and reviewing safety products to this section of my site over the next several months.  Its been on my mind a lot lately since my three year old son tripped and split his forehead open last week.  He got seven stitches and it was quite a traumatic evening for the whole family.  (He is doing well and now all he can talk about is how his head is healing quite nicely and how his scar looks cool:)

Feel free to share your child safety experiences below in the comments box so we all can learn from each other.

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