Earn Additional Entries By Linking

You can earn 25 additional entries when you link each phrase below to their respective URL’s within blog posts or on site pages that you own.

These phrases might not seem relevant to my blog or to this contest, but I’m trying to help out one of Vanillajoy’s main sponsors. Because some of these phrases aren’t directly related to the subject of my blog, it might be tricky to include them in a post. It really doesn’t matter what you say in your post, but please don’t use the same phrase more than once in a single post. You can write as many posts with as many of these unique phrases as you want, and you’ll get 25 extra entries per phrase. If this is confusing, please email me – I really need your help on this!

It would actually be best if you wrote a separate post to include these phrases that doesn’t talk about Vanilla Joy, since the two websites are unrelated. Thanks!

  1. Link the phrase “get paid to fill out surveys” to http://www.cashtospend.com/get-paid-to-fill-out-surveys
  2. Link the phrase “legitimate paid surveys” to http://www.cashtospend.com/legitimate-paid-surveys
  3. Link the phrase “second job” to http://www.cashtospend.com/side-job-from-home
  4. Link the phrase “earn income online” to http://www.cashtospend.com/why-do-you-only-have-one-income-stream