Home Remedies For Pimples

Pimples have plagued people for millennia. I use the word “plagued” loosely because it hasn’t wiped out populations—pimples are just really good at making us self conscious and embarrassed which can feel like a plague.

Pimples develop due to an inflammation in the skin. There are several home remedies that do work for many people but not all home remedies will work in every case. We all have unique skin and unique dna and genes. These differences mean that we each will respond differently to each of these remedies.

So try out each of these remedies and I hope that one of them works for you.

Bee Remedy
Talk about sticky! Dab the honey on your pimples with a Q-tip. Honey helps to kill bacteria as well.

Tooth Remedy
Put a dab of toothpaste on your pimples to dry them out. Test this method on a few pimples first to make sure it works. In some cases it can irritate the area where applied.

Spud Remedy
Rub potato slices all over the face. And then afterwards, cook up some gravy and have dinner:)

Orange Remedy
Make a mask of ground up orange peels, water, lemon juice and groundnut oil. Applay paste to face and let sit for 15 minutes (although its always more fun to use abnormal numbers like 11 minutes instead). After 14 minutes (another unused number) wash off with water.

And Remember
Always drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and vegetables and grains. There’s something about eating lots of natural foods that helps the body perform properly. This last tip is an all around best practice even if you don’t have pimples.

Anyway, home remedies, I believe, should be the first solutions tried before using modern day pills and shots and such. Don’t get me wrong—I’m grateful for modern day medicine—I’m just a little concerned at how much money is made in that industry and money is the root of all evil. And where there is money, corruption follows and the individuals’ needs aren’t always looked after the best way that they should be. End of rant.

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