Japanese Stab Tutorial

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Part I Written Instructions


  • 10-15 sheets of good quality paper, at least 24 lb.
  • 1-2 sheets of cover paper – can be regular weight or card stock.
  • paper cutter
  • clear plastic ruler
  • sharp pencil
  • paper ruler
  • awl
  • cutting mat
  • sewing needle (large eye)
  • 1 yard waxed linen thread or similar strong thread

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

1. Cut text block and cover paper to finished dimensions, measuring and cutting so the grain of the paper will be parallel to the spine edge of the book. (This binding is best for small books – this one is 4.25″ x 5″.)

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

2. With a clear plastic ruler and a sharp pencil, mark a line 1/4″ away from the spine edge of the book.

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

3. Make a paper ruler by cutting a strip of paper to be 1/2″ shorter than the total height of your book. Width does not matter.

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

4. Fold the paper ruler exactly in half twice. After unfolding the paper you will have 5 equally spaced lines – the two ends of the paper ruler and the three creases created when you folded it.

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

5. Line up the paper ruler with the 1/4″ spine line. The ends of the paper ruler should be centered between the head and tail edges of the book. Mark the 5 lines from your paper ruler on to the 1/4″ spine line.

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

6. With an awl, punch a hole through all layers on each of the 5 marks.

Japanese Stab Binding Tutorial

7. Using ribbon or thread and a needle, sew the book together.

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Part 2 Video and Instructions

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