Japanese Stab Uses

Japanese stab bindings are so versatile – that’s one reason why I like them so much. The sewing for almost all other types of traditional books requires folded sections. Japanese stab bindings can be done with single sheets of paper. This allows much more flexibility when choosing paper because you can get more sheets of different sizes out of your text block paper. Cutting single sheets usually means more efficient use of paper.Think about all the single sheets of paper you have lying around that you could organize and compile into a book: children’s art and school work, old journals, class notes, emails or letters, favorite recipes, sheet music, financial information, and much more!

Japanese stab bindings are particularly useful for photo album books or other extra wide books. Because the binding comes into the book from the spine edge ½” – 1″, this method works well for books that are wider than they are tall.

Best of all, Japanese stab bindings are simple and don’t require expensive equipment to make. You can make a Japanese stab book from start to finish at home without spending a fortune on heavy duty presses, paper cutters, drills, etc.

This binding is simple, beautiful, useful, and fun!

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