Paper Rulers

A paper rule is an indispensable book binding tool and it won’t cost you a penny!To make a paper ruler, cut a scrap piece of paper ½” less than the height of your book. Using our sample measurements, the height of the book is 5.5″ inches tall so you will cut the paper ruler to be 5″ tall.

The width does not matter, but a good standard width for a paper ruler is about 2 inches.

Paper rulers are excellent because they allow you to measure using relationships rather than exact numbers.

If you need to find the exact halfway point along the height edge of your book, you can fold a paper ruler (cut to be the exact height of your book) in half, and the crease will exactly mark the halfway point. You can also use a paper ruler to divide something into several exactly equal sections.

You will find a paper ruler useful for bookbinding and many other craft projects as well.

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