New Allergy Treatment

First and foremost, lets make this a joint effort page where all you visitors enter in below any new allergy treatment that you are using or have used that worked wonders in your life. So scroll down and read the comments for some ideas or add your own to help the next fellow. We can all become allergy specialists together!

I especially would like you all to share any allergy treatments that are all natural. I’m all about doing everything more naturally these days. As grateful as I am for modern day medicine, I think its somehow bypassed what solves problems for good and has given us stuff that makes us dependent so that we keep going back for more and spending more money.

Anyway I’ll step off my soapbox now. So please add your experiences, good or bad, with any new allergy treatments so we can all help each other out. Allergies frustrate millions of people each year including yourself. I bet you could name 20 people that you personally know that suffer from allergies. So lets share our knowledge and help those millions one at a time.

Any type of allergies are open game on this post: dog allergies, cat allergies, pollen allergies, cooties (just kidding), dust allergies, grass allergies, etc.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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