Plastic Spiral Binding

I’ve purchased quite a few ebooks in my day and I’ve also acquired a lot of free ebooks as well. Although its very convenient to have a digital copy of a book, I sometimes find myself wanting to print out the book. Mostly late at night when I want to read in bed and when I go for long road trips.

A cheap and easy way that I’ve found to do this is to attach a plastic spiral binding. You can either run down to a print shop or buy your own machine to do the trick.

Most people won’t need to bind too many books in their lives to justify buying a binding machine. If that’s you, then just find out where your closest print/binding shop is located and plan ahead.

If you run a business where you need to spiral bind a few books or reports here and there then you might look into buying a plastic binding machine. Binding machines for moderate use run anywhere between a couple hundred dollars on up to six hundred dollars. If you need a plastic coil binding machine for heavy usage, you’ll be looking at one thousand or more.

I love modern technology and the fact that we can print and bind our own books/reports/documents in the comfort of our own home. Printing press inventor, Johannes Gutenberg, and other printing press business men a few hundred years later, like Benjamin Franklin, would be amazed at how far we’ve come and a little proud with their involvement in the early stages. It is truly amazing that we can bind stacks of paper with a piece of spiral shaped plastic:)

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