I have been struggling for years to get my portraits in sharp focus, and I FINALLY figured out how to do it. 1. You MUST USE A TRIPOD! 2. Sit one of your subjects down and don’t let them move. Set the focus to manual (on the lens) and adjust until it looks good. […]

2011 was a busy year. Here are some of my favorite projects and tutorials from last year:                                                                             […]

I use my Cricut all the time to cut fabric for applique – mostly onesies and towels but also buntings and I may even do a quilt in the near future. I did this towel for a Christmas present and cut out the flower and name with my Cricut and it was so fast and […]

As soon as I’m finished with Sharky’s room, I’ll post pictures. But for now, you’re just getting bits and pieces. The most important supply has been Michael Miller fabric – I’m using a combination of the Groovy Guitar and Lagoon prints, and I LOVE how everything is coming together. Love the colors, love the prints, […]