Waterhog Mats

It’s the little things in life a lot of times that make are lives that much better. Many times we don’t even notice these little things and how much we need and appreciate them until they are gone or missing.

For example, have you ever walked into a store or school or church having just come in from the mud and/or rain and there wasn’t a door mat there? You notice real quick how important that “little thing” has been in your life.

Waterhog mats are the best indoor entrance mat out there. Did you know that waterhog mats are engineered to be able to hold up to one and a half gallons of water per square yard? I bet you didn’t. I for sure didn’t until recently.

Door mats these days are made of rubber that can be easily cleaned with a hose. Commercial mats are anti static, and they get rid of most dirt from shoes so as to make vacuuming and cleaning other floor areas easier.

I saw a cool video once that demonstrated people with dirty shoes walking on a normal doormat versus a great doormat. And it was amazing how little sand got on the walkway after the great doormat. I’ll try and find that video and add it to this post.

Anyway, I vote waterhog mats. Go team!

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