Biometric Gun Safe – Do You Have A Fingerprint?

by Boyd

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Home protection is something that everyone needs to start thinking about, in my opinion.  But don’t just stop at the thinking stage–take action.  Hopefully you will never have to use a gun to protect you and yours but there is a quote that I heard that sent shivers through my spine: “I would rather have a gun and hopefully never need to use it than to not have a gun and find myself in a situation where I need one”.  Or something like that.

Once you start looking into home protection, you naturally start thinking about gun safety and how to make sure the kids can’t get a hold of it.

My brother in law showed me this awesome gun safe that he uses.  There are 4 buttons and he just has to press them in the right order and it pops open.  Since then, I’ve looked into some more and found out that there are other cool gun safes out there.

I found this biometric gun safe that is really cool!  You just program your fingerprint into it and then you are the only one who can gain access to your gun.   No more worrying about the kids or an intruder gaining access to your gun.  Also, no more worrying about losing the keys or forgetting a combination.  Just put your finger on and voila, it’s open!

Check out these other cool biometric safes and biometric deadbolt locks as well.

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